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    North west, Cumbria and North East England
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    climbing rocks and drinking booze
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  1. Please ignore this, after being distracted by my brother and then my kids i forgot where i had got to, started again and then realised one of the spade terminals was baggy on the top relay. happy new year to all
  2. Hello My 2015 230vtr will only in feed if the green button is held down. everything else seems fine. relays seem good. belts correct tension any ideas guys? many thanks
  3. Hi edwood Did you manage to find a replacement soft eye? Cheers Ben
  4. Living in Cumbria... If I didn't work in the rain I'd not make any money
  5. Hi Steve, sorry I took forever to reply... I never get messages on here so didn't check! I'm defo up for a splice session... I'm no master but happy to muddle on through with a few of us. Hows tricks bro?

  6. Whether a rope is ce marked or not has no bearing on the Loler inspection does it? There is no ce on the knots we tie either. This is a really interesting thread because I find quite a lot of differing opinion from one inspector to the next on spliced rope.... Is this down to a need for clearer guide lines for inspectors or the inspector not being a splicer or some thing similar?
  7. Ben Lad

    Pull it!

    Hey Aaron, I'm getting some of my splices pulled at an engineering college... Just a thought but try one by you. Cheers bruv
  8. Hi Steve, Did yer man ever get back to you with info?
  9. Hi dave, Thanks for phoning today, I will find your email in a bit and drop you a line. Let me know when you have dates mate. All the best Ben
  10. I stayed self employEd with city suburban, loved it. Good lads with plenty of yard life if you want it. good mix of work... Productivity bonus works if you do. They have 3 or 4 yards now. They will hook you up a trial few days or week and you'll have a better idea. Good luck chief
  11. Hi dan it's Ben Davies here, i met you a couple of Christmass ago in south shields on a nfld dale night out. Heard you were in Cumbria. I live in greystoke. you still cutting trees bro?

  12. Areeeeeeeet big lad!

    New gaf is what ive been waiting for, so much more relaxed for work. Ive just had Will a lad from Kirkley doing some climbing today, he said to were teaching him from a while up there.

    Im off to see a Mog tomorrow!! Woop Woop! I'll let you know how it goes.

    Hows things with you mate?

  13. selling again christoph? hope you're well fella. i saw your message to Dan wilson, he"s a spot on climber. how's the new gaff?

    chat soon



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