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  1. You got to look at price per wear sometimes it pays to spend a bit more to get longer life but buy two products at £100 they sometimes only last as long as one £200 product so what offered better value ? Neither, they were the same price per wear. I know guys who can destroy PPE in weeks when others in the same product get years out of them. Why ? Enviromental impact hawthorn or chestnut, job role foreman or climber. Everyone seems so quick to blame the product. There are lots of products out there for lots of different jobs as the man says on raiders of the lost ark "choose wisely"
  2. AFAG 401 Page 3 PPE. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/afag401.pdf
  3. Thanks for the feedback. Perwanger leather Perwanger is treated to help make it water resistant it may need additional applications of Silicone spray to enhance this ability so you could try this to see if it helps. Of course there are areas in any boot that can allow water penetration eyelets are riveted in to the leather and can allow water ingress and stitched areas that latter is a small issue on the phantoms as the main body is produced from just one leather section. The leather on the Phantoms is also very thick compared to other brands so I'm sorry but they will need some breaking in and this can take time.
  4. Alongside running Arbjobs I also work for STEIN SAFETY here in the UK. I would like to thank you for all the positive feedback and funny enough the negative feedback too, it is useful to know where we can improve on products. It is nice to hear back from customers directly before things are posted on here. Sadly you can never please everyone all the time. STEIN PHANTOMS are built for STEIN by Alico a specialist mountaineering and hiking boot company from Italy who have been making boots for quite some time and make some boots for the Royal Marines see this ebay post : Royal Marines Ski March Boots ALICO New Nordic 75mm Fitting Army Surplus | eBay There are sadly people in the industry with an axe to grind who use Arbtalk to voice malicious nonsense against a number of brands STEIN included its just a sad fact of life and one I'm sure most users can see through. Any brand can have problems developing or evolving products. STEIN works with a team of Arborists to test and improve our range. OK we don't always get it right first time but show me a company that does, STIHL? PETZL? HAIX? have all had issues with products. I don't know what some people expect regarding products a genuine manufacturing fault is a genuine failure of a component part. Wear and tear, use and abuse is not covered under warrantee. Arboriculture has to be one of the toughest industries on boot. Many of us buy the cheapest boots available we don't just walk in them we jam them in to crotches in trees, drag them through briar and brash expose them to all sorts of chemicals and wear them often without any care six days a week and when they show signs of wear we blame the manufacturer. Be fair lads !
  5. Had Zermatts they were really good moved on to Phantoms just as good same water repellent leather as the Zermatts and cost less money well worth a try.
  6. Just a cautionary note: These jackets are indeed "High Viz" but if you need them to be certified to EN471 for highways or rail use I would ask to see the certificates or conformance before buying. Having read the label I think they suggest they "comply" rather than are certified too there is a difference. Any distributer or retailers selling them as "fully certified" risk being taken to task by trading standards under the 1995 PPE directive.
  7. Arb Association Arborist Tree Challenge or 3ATC for short is run by a sub team of voulenteers for arborists of all levels to help promote and advance climbing, promote safe practice and share knowledge with climbers. The team also run the Student CCC or College Climbing Competitions is only open to student teams but we want to promote the same ethos. These events are about having a bit of fun and maybe picking up some new ideas that will help you in your daily life as a climber. If you would like to get involved in these events as a competitor or as a new member of the management team please visit our new website www.3atc.com
  8. If your wanting something durable and CE have a look at these don't let the brand put you off they were built in Europe by the same firm that made the Tree Austria harnesses and come in a much better price. I hear via the grapevine that an attachable seat is also being planned for release this year. VEGA
  9. 3ATC/CCC College Climbing Competitions 2 Venues Southern CCC at Sparsholt College Sponsored by STEIN SAFETY 30 April A.A. Climbing Workshop / Demo Day 2- 5 PM 1st May CCC Competition Brilliant goody bags for every student entering, Winning team recive a £200 gift voucher to spend of STEIN products and their College win a £1200 gift voucher from STEIN SAFETY to buy product for use at the College. Northern CCC at Myerscough College Sponsored by GUSTHARTS 14th April A.A. Climbing Workshop / Demo Day 2- 5 PM 15th May CCC Competition Winning team members and their College both win prizes detailed on the website. For more information on the events their location who can enter, camping College bars and elegability please go to our new website www.3atc.com
  10. Two OPEN dates so far for 2013 June 1st 2nd Welsh OPEN at the Welsh Wood Festival June 14th 15th UK OPEN at the AA Arb Show Competition based on one simple (ish) work climb. Novice , Expert and Premier levels. 1st Prize's in each level. For more information and new on line booking system go to www.3atc.com
  11. Damned good boots these the grey ones got a rave review in The Tree Tools NZ Blog UK retailers already offering good discounts on these boots too. Tough and durable they have got to be worth a look
  12. Paul I am sure STEIN would like any feedback from the industry good or bad that would help them improve a product. It might be better to get on the phone to them rather than on here. Do you think the reason your seeing lots of posts on here griping about STEIN is because they are bringing more products to the market than anyone else? Other manufacturers sit on their arse do nothing or just continue to bring out the same old gear year on year. These guys are putting time and money in to new ideas to try and make work a bit easlier. Sure they get it wrong now and again when a product isn't quite up to par but they do try and rectify it where possible. Do they get recognosed for this? NO just a few people on here flipping moaning. axes to grind? Old scores to settle? Mmmm. Bringing any new idea to market is hard and faults will be found. In this case I am sure the perfect rope retriver could be developed but it would end up expensive. If people think the STEIN one is too light weight with a 45 KG breaking strain buy a damned Sherril one for $43 Dollars + shipping Retreever Telescopic Reach Tool by SherrillTree : SherrillTree Tree Care Equipment Oh by the way they break too see this thread. Rope Retriever I don't know why STEIN bother trying to help such an ungratefull industry. Why is so little positive ever posted on here? Every time I come on all I see is moans or bullying from a minority of the members. Don't you see its driving members away ?
  13. That looks nice but it makes the system a bit gear intensive again and £40 for a duck and another £10 - £15 for the additional crab is gonna hurt the pocket anyone would think you ran a shop of something just kidding mate but sometimes simple is good. Like Rupes said a simple bit of accessory cord will work fine I kept losing mine and got fed up making a new one from starter cord so thought the cut away would do the bizz although I will probably lose that as well.


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