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  1. are you after big dbh? i drove past this oak yesterday on the edge of grantham. big ode tree. has been reduced big time a while back otherwise it would have been a beast
  2. ill certainly try to pop up there on sat
  3. Bandit mini skidsteer loaders

    what WorcsWuss said, plus a tow ball for moving uk sized chippers and trailers about
  4. Info wanted on 550xp problems please

    a mate of mine killed a 560 in 9 months. was replaced under warranty and so far so good. his was one of the very first tho. atleast green stripe int far from you mate, they'll sort it for you if ote goes wrong
  5. husky t540 release in feb?

    Well hopefully with the delayed release date these problems will be resolved
  6. bottle jack fell

    Makes sense, cheers
  7. bottle jack fell

    what tonnage bottle jack would you idealy have for tree work. im geussing the more it will lift the bigger it is so there must be a ideal size?
  8. husky t540 release in feb?

    i c trees im the same as you, would prefer a t540 on what iv heard. eddy, that seems to be the way it is atm
  9. husky t540 release in feb?

    i was hoping this would be the one. may well have to try a 201 then. thanks steve
  10. husky t540 release in feb?

    does any one know if the new husky tophandle is still on for release in feb? im in need of a new one but could make do untill feb if it is still on for release? thanks in advance Gary
  11. Ratting

    smoking them to terriers is the most fun. second is a air rifle, bait up with peatnut butter as rats love it and have to eat it on the spot as they cant carry/drag it away
  12. Ford Ranger lighting 05 plate

    i never even new electric mirror, heated screen and RFW switch were ment to light up. mine never have, or my fog light button thinking about it. must be a common problem on that age as mine is a 55 plate
  13. What shows are you going to in 2013?

    the arb show is well worth going to mate, me and martyn will most likely be going and poss a couple of others. you can hitch a lift with us if you decide to go
  14. First take down :)

    nice job mate, glad it all went ok. ill have to have a look at you 550 next time i see you as i havent seen one yet
  15. rec climb

    albere, its a proper nice tree for climbing, as you can see in the vid thats only covering about half of it


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