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  1. We are still looking to fill this position please get in touch if interested. Thanks.
  2. Hi, We are currently looking for an experienced freelance climber to join our team in east / north Hertfordshire. Working days negotiable but 4/5 days a week available. Please get in touch if you think you might be interested - contact Iain Ward on 07794 902132, or send a message for more details. Thanks.
  3. Morning all. We are currently undertaking a project in rural Herts (near Essex border Buntingford / Bishop's Stortford) clearing scrub and soft fell of some mature trees from scheduled monument sites. The work is expected to take between 3-4 months and we are looking for some extra help for odd days / blocks or whatever is possible. Qualifications relevant to skills please, but cutting and clearing required. Send a private message for further details. Thank you.
  4. Hello, Based in East Herts, we have earned a reputation for skilled and knowledgeable arboricultual work, and are looking for someone to join our team. In a perfect world, we are looking for: An honest, hardworking individual who has a passion for trees and is looking to expand / share their knowledge A person experienced and qualified with a saw and chipper, and experience of working with a climber and other crew in a close team and who holds all relevant NPTC certificates Knowledge and experience of using rigging techniques from the ground Self-employed Clean UK driving licence Work to a very high standard with excellent punctuality and attendance as a norm Someone who also climbs or would like to climb and is looking for further experience would be welcome In return, we will offer: An honest and friendly working environment Sharing of knowledge and skills Training and support where required Loyalty Good rates of pay Send me a private message or email [email protected] Thank you.
  5. Here here And as you said before Baron once your crate is in a shed or garage the moisture content will creep back up to 14-17% anyway. I've run out of fivers to burn so am moving on to tenners - if anyone can sell me fivers for say £7 each I'll be much better off...
  6. Hello all, I am looking for prices for pick up and haluage of 26ton loads of round timber from the Watford area - Guesstimate 3 loads to be transported approx 40 miles - roadside pick up. Nothing in concrete as yet but it all needs to be offsite this winter if the go ahead it given, and I'd rather not see it all go to chip so help gratefully received. Please PM if you have an idea or can help. Thanks in advance p.s. Also chip from the same site to be removed.
  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't seem to say where the wood is from - I would hazard a guess that the neatly packed kiln dried logs in crates hail from mainland Europe... which explains the price after all that shipping and transport.
  8. Excellent point, perhaps I need to drag a deer carcass down from the woods and stick it to that with the new improved fangs, then maybe a sustained wrestling match with the beast while terrified parents scatter with their children and the army cordon off the South East and evacuate London. Not forgetting the final pose with the foot resting on the quashed foe... £5k invoice now I reckon... So I'm guessing that is a spindle then?
  9. Caterpillars' cocoons turn garden into scene from a horror film | Mail Online And as if by magic - here is the Daily Mail's own special report! Good work - of course - someone should still go in dressed in a full bee-keepers suit waving gas around and charge the council a grand for the pleasure though... I'm off to catch a spider and paint it red, keep quiet about the moth...
  10. That is very strange - the web makes it look like a smoke bush Very wild stab in the dark: Barklice? (Psocoptera) Reported to be in the UK (Cornwall) in 2007?? "Maple and Boxelder are the most common plants that psocids inhabit. Most species are free living, but several species are gregarious, living under irregular, silken webs on tree trunks, branches, or roots of trees. These webs are spun from silk produced in the labial glands"
  11. All very good, but black and white and American excuses can't surely detract from the mentalness of Dan osman - he is also dead if it helps! Come on boys, you have to admit that's about as serious as climbing gets... [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DdK9t-C7_s]YouTube - Dan Osman No ropes Sin Cuerdas Free Solo(by marco sultan garden )[/ame]
  12. The man, the legend. I love the seemless narration all the way up - 50 years old and hardly out of puff - I'd be knackered even if my twitchy ring would allow me to get started, which when faed with the overhang would undoubtedly give up. Maybe that's another reason to hold the sides of the ladders... Speaking of fearless nutters - anyone seen this one? [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9-21HmF2Qs]YouTube - Dan Osman - 400ft in 4 min[/ame]
  13. Do I get the wooden spoon? Here's a story for you - a year or so ago my broadband stopped working, and phone line went very crackly and faint. Phoned broadband supplier - nothing to do with them. Phoned BT - definitely my broadband supplier. Spent a few hours chasing phone lines through the loft and cavitiy walls, testing sockets and looking outside to see if some dumb tree surgeon hadn't knocked the wires down No joy. Days of back and forthing to BT and broadband supplier who denied all knowledge, plus BT use openreach for all service which is in effect a totally seperate company, so they don't talk to each other. I really was getting quite angry three days later or so, and swearing and shouting at BT only succeeded in giving them the right to a) charge me for a BT engineer to come out, which would be in a week or two, and b) hang up. Stopping short of grabbing a jerry can and some milk bottles and heading to HQ I paid a visit to the local exchange, where there was a BT Openreach van sitting outside. Bingo. Climbing in I found the steel door and gave a friendly knock. A bemused engineer turned up blinking in the newfound light and very kindly let me in. He found the solution in no time - someone in my village had ordered Broadband recently and as they didn't have enough ports in the exchange they simply unplugged mine and plugged theirs in. What a shower of sh*ts. If I hadn't met the engineer at the exchange I would probably still have no phone line, or had to pay lots of money for BT to find out what the problem was only for them to make something up, and be in prison. Anyway, I'm over it now obviously... Grrrrr....
  14. Hi guys I am also looking for a charcoal supplier - I am based in Herts near Bishop's Stortford so on the Essex border too. If anyone knows anyone local I would be very grateful for the contact


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