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  1. nipski

    Ms261 flooding

    All sorted, it was that little arm under the diaphragm. Thank you. Put it back together and she fired up straight away. [emoji106]
  2. nipski

    Ms261 flooding

    Thank you, I’ll go steady
  3. nipski

    Ms261 flooding

    Hi Stubby, gonna get it on the bench today. Where is the metering arm? I’ve had a look on an explosion of the carb but can only find a metering diaphragm, is it known as something else? Tia.
  4. nipski

    Ms261 flooding

    Just put a new piston in but every morning the cylinder is full of fuel🤷‍♂️
  5. nipski

    Ms261 flooding

    Just put a new piston in but every morning the cylinder is full of fuel🤷‍♂️
  6. Food for thought, I was using rother.gov district council site to search for a poss tpo and conservation area and it was shite. I have a friend who builds apps and it would be a great little tool if you’re out pricing up. Search then and there and let the customer know waiting times etc... or if not I can start in a couple of weeks so on and so forth. It’s a challenge I’ll look into.
  7. Would you use an app if it had all up to date TPO’s and conservation areas identified?
  8. Yep, con rod snapped and completely destroyed the piston and pot. Not a pretty sight
  9. Hello I'm in a pickle, my little timberwolf 18/100 needs a new engine. Briggs and Stratton 18hp Ohv. If anyone hears of anything please let me know. Thanks.
  10. Haven't been on for a long time... Cannabis oil is the way forward for me, I've been back climbing, landscaping and coppicing for 2 years now. you need t.h.c. in your oil not just high cbd. if you are worried about getting stoned then use suppositories you wont feel a thing on the stoned front. off all Pharma meds which were harsh and I've been discharged from my gastro consultants care, which is very rare, he cant work it out!! but he knows exactly what I have been doing.
  11. Hello I'm looking for a price for a days hire of a tracked flail, something like a bobcat skid steer with mulching attachment. Location Bodiam East Sussex duration one day. Any takers ?
  12. How about an operated hire fee?
  13. Please search cannabis and ibd on google. It has been amazing for my Crohns disease.
  14. Watched jack reacher last night and chuckled at this.... " first I'm gonna beat you to death then I'm gonna drink your blood out of your boot" ha ha


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