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  1. Cheers and thanks. That's what I was looking for. Much appreciated Marcus
  2. Hi all I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I've been looking for a thread I saw years ago about a wood chipper that only chopped into 3"or 4" chunks and bagged into nets. Hopefully someone might nudge it or post a link. Thanks guys.
  3. Hi, Just out of curiosty what does the strapping cost you it seems a good idea but ebey prices seem silly. Does it put the price/cost of the job up much. Marcus
  4. I think he could have done with a qualified tree surgeon. Made me laugh. Marcus [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVWEtUIEsQo&feature=related]YouTube - sorteerknijper minigraver[/ame]
  5. Jonathan Foyle climbing up buildings to look into their history. Burghley house Lincolnshire.
  6. I have a Daily 35s11 and first sign of snow the traction is useless. so got a spair pair of rims and had a pair of snow/ice tyres [put on. Now when it snows or i'm off road i just put a dicent jack under the tow bar and take a cordless impact wrench and seconds later were away. You should see the looks when ur towing a 4x4 out th snowwith a long wheel base hi top van. LOL Beware if u want winter tyres they have a softer compound than of rd tyres and all weather tyres are just a con IMO if ur having SOME get SOME!!!!
  7. Hi Guys Cant see an info anywhere here or on the net so any advice or experiences appriciated. I have an iveco daily 35s11 and i i love the old girl. The problem i have is i need some extra transport for when i have big jobs on. I can't see buying another motor will be cost effective but i cant see why i cant turn my three seater into a crew cab. I have even found that i can buy the fixings, seats and belts all new from parts supplyers to complete the job. Has anyone done anything like this all i want to know is will i have to re-register the veichle and or have it all inspected as if it were a kit car or something. All because of having changed from 3 seat to 5 or 6. Obviously it will need declairing to the insurance legal like. Cheers Marcus
  8. Marcus, as a rough guide you can if you like by it from site as metre cube stacks at £22.

    or if you prefer then you can do the weigh bridge and have it as cord lengths at £35 a ton.

  9. Hi Martin Had the same trouble a couple of years ago with a 16" by 6"6' ifor trailer. I was lucky as we have a very goog agent locally he supplyed a brand new coated ply floor from replacement parts list. Cant rember what it cost tho sorry but it made it a new trailer. It was pre drilled with holes for tie downs etc Hope this helps Marcus
  10. Hi guys Story goes.... Grew up with a husky 136 as a present from dad about 10 years ago for use on the farm and i loved it and still do. To this day it still gets me out of a scrape or two and it taught me a world of knowledge about maintainence. Now without starting the inevitable Stihl v Husky debate i know huskys and love em. Without geting too angry i had my 345 i bought 2 years ago stolen Yesterday i enjoyed maintaining it and i liked it allot i probably on average used it once a week for felling right through to cutting firewood etc My question is this WHAT SAW TO REPLACE??? the 346xp or bigger My friend who just bought a 346xpg with the silly brake thing likes the saw but i fancy some thing a bit more professional as i expect it to last me a lifetime. Having said that dont want to re-mortgage just spend money on a good saw. Hope u all understand and thanks for you time, advice ect Marcus
  11. Hi marcus,

    thanks for your message, I have tons of chestnut which is ideal for a wood burner and you are welcome to collect or arrange haulage to you. give me a call on 07817191055 and we can go from there.




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