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  1. Work life. Balance needs to be addressed. Work to live not live to work! Have a holiday and then look forward to your next. I shut down every August and works for me.
  2. They're excellent, no problems at all with them use them on 200t 261 and 660.
  3. I'm keen on the job just honest with my client. Fully booked until mid January so it's a time and shifting months of work around that is the negative side. The first company that looked at it didn't even notice the disease and advised deadwood and reduce, once told it was TPO'd they lost all interest!
  4. Aupa Hodge, The main industry in the Basque country is forestry from all the searching I have done. Very little if at all any domestic arb, my wife is from Bizkaia and we spend at least a month out there every year. Had a 2 year stint over there and tried to work in the arb industry. Did manage to get a season pollarding planes but the work was so hit and miss that it could not support us at the time. It is a truly amazing place and the people are most hospitable. There is some utility cutting going on as see evidence of it so try the supplier for an opening. Good luck with your move and wish you every success in your seach. Agur Dave
  5. Update on the tree, it has had the TPO lifted and removal approved by local authority. It's a huge and tricky job as the work zone is very limited. Is anyone interested in the bulk of the timber, it can not be felled so will be in chunks. Will need a hiab to lift out and over fence. Located in Faversham, anyone seriously interested in it please let me know. (no trunk kickers please:biggrin:) The trunk is approx 4ft across up to 7 metres and loads of big boughs through the crown. Pricing for the job but by no means mine yet, have advised the client to obtain at least another 2 quotes and would be no problem if I do not get it.
  6. Thank you , photo was from Friday afternoon!
  7. Thank you, to the back of the houses runs the A2 london road through Faversham so this along with the houses says to me remove. If it was in a nice open space with no targets then maybe worth a try keeping but I think to much damage has been done. The client had been wondering why over the last few years its been getting sparser in the crown!
  8. Hi, I was asked to have a look at a TPO'd Beech tree with the client wanting a Reduction and deadwooding. Upon inspection the crown is very bare and I found the pictured fungus one new and the other probably last years around the roots. I believe it is Meripilus giganteus and due to the tree being right next to houses and a main road the other side of the houses I would suggest removal asap of the tree. Do you think its worth retaining by reduction? My thought is its in decline and given the targets and risks nearby then realistically removal is the way to go.
  9. Hi, I am looking for a reliable source to occasionally hire a chipper from in the Faversham area. Any pointers would be helpful, don't use them much but handy if one local as the one I get is great for work in the Elham Valley area but need one closer to this end also. Thanks Dave
  10. Hi all, I am looking for someone to work alongside myself on a self employed basis as a groundsman who may also want to progress into climbing. I run a small bespoke company serving numerous domestic clients and some commercial jobs too. The majority of the work is domestic, interesting, challenging and rewarding. For the right person this would be a great opening, I am flexible, reliable, hard working and operate to high standards in regards to arb work and client relations. You must be equipped with tools,PPE, be able to drive preferably have vehicle with a tow bar and most desirable is reliability. Either PM me or call on 07817191055 I look forward to meeting you soon, Dave
  11. The pricing of this and all jobs depends how you like to run your business. Enough work to sustain yourself and groundie year round then it is a 2 man job over a day and a half. If you want to get it done in an easy day then have 3 men on it, 4 if really want to smash it out. Only need to think about how much work you have for yourself on your books. It's easy to get large unnecessary crews and machinery in for jobs, with the bottom line being less in it for you.
  12. I keep thinking I should have made my way up the other side of the tree but it was awkward so decided against it haha One of my golden rules is if you think it then there must be a reason for it and probably the best way to do it. Trust your senses like the wildlife do.
  13. Why? extra cost to your business use BACS its free:thumbup:


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