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  1. Cheers Pete, I'll have a word when I pop in next to hire a chipper or digger. Martin
  2. That's great thank you Eddie, it gives me a starting point. Many thanks Martin
  3. I need to hire to John Deer Gator utility vehicles for a couple of weeks in the summer. Does anyone know of hire companies that hire the vehicles out in the Staffordshire area. Many thanks Martin
  4. For welding gas I've started using these people Welcome To Hobbyweld The Home Of Rent Free Welding Gas Cylinders Martin
  5. You would need to put an earth spike in, to earth the genny. You need to speak to a local spark and they will explain what you need. Martin
  6. Cheers Steve I thought my regs book was expensive, I'll keep an eye on ebay. Many thanks Martin
  7. Sorry I'm a qualified spark, that doesn't do a lot with generators, so I was making the most of picking Steve's brains. If you get really bored and want to know about how your house electrics are earthed have a read of this http://wiki.diyfaq.org.uk/index.php?title=Earthing_Types Martin
  8. Many thanks. Rather than centre tapping the genset would a link in the plug between earth and neutral do the same, with a suitable warning label attached? I've got some portable shower blocks that I need to feed from a generator and they need RCD protection hence my question. Can you recommend any good books on generators and there associated wiring? Many thanks Martin
  9. Are the windings on the genset set so there is an earth to neutral link so with the aid of an earth spike you can get a tncs system instead of the floating earth from the cheap generators? Cheers Martin
  10. mpb

    Work lights

    I recommend the Britax LED beacon. I've fitted these to my friends two trucks and the look the business. I've got two 8 led work lights on the back of the defender and run them from a second battery. I left them on for a few hours the other week without flattening the battery where the old halogen ones I would only get a couple of hours out of before they where dead. Hope this helps Martin
  11. Have a read of this Highway Safety Services Chapter 8 Vehicle Legislation Cheers Martin
  12. Try Winch, Winches, DC winches, Hydraulic winches, AC winches, Manual winches, electric winches, Hoists, specialist winch systems, vehicle installations, Heavy Duty lifting, Pulling, Hoisting, Recovery Equipment, 110v winches, 240v winches, 3ph winches, Your winch may have been down on power because the motor was on its last legs Cheers Martin
  13. mpb


    Many years ago people stopped using orange hi-vis jackets as in some artificial light they would look black, so no use, hence the move to yellow. But I don't think you get this affect with modern lights. Martin
  14. I've fitted a discovery drop arm ball joint and upgraded discovery stealing arms with a steering damper relocation kit. This gives me an easily replaceable ball joint at each end rather than the traditional defender one. Martin


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