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  1. Yet another reccomend me a wood burner thread!

    Little Thurlow by town and country.been in nearly a year and can warm the whole house and can take up to 320mm logs.
  2. New climber & the spiderjack 3

    +1 for prussick to get experience and confidence within the tree.I would recommend spider jack once you get all the basics.
  3. To big to pollard (top and lop)

    The house is literally just out of shot next to the road its my rubbish photography skills so do apologise.it is a nice tree would be a shame to lose it.
  4. I cant make my mind up on what to do with this ash.Its on my dads land but its near neighbours house the neighbour wants more light into his garden and dosent care what the tree looks like.My dad dosent want to lose the tree but wants something doing to it to keep the peace as they do a lot for them.i cant really reduce it as thers no sutible growth points as the neighbour wants 20ft of it.so I didnt know to either vetranise it pollard then repollard every 3-5 years or just fell and be done with it.
  5. Zigzag or Lockjack?

    Spiderjack and ropeguide as its similar to a hitch climber but has none of the bad bits of hitch climber
  6. Zigzag or spider jack

    Spiderjack with dynema sling thing with 11mm yale inferno and ropeguide.took me a good two weeks to get used to it tho but cant beat the reliability and the one handed slack tending and since ive been climbing with it I had no aces or pains but I still swap it for my hc on big dismantles once ive turned it into a stick.
  7. Camera choice

    Yeh I was just using it maually as I was using it to film ski videos even with my ski gloves on it was easy to use as it makes a beep ing noise when it starts recording and beep noice when you stop it.in my own opinion the wifi remote is a bit of gimick so you spend more money and to change the settings its easy to do manually as the buttons sick out and even easier with the free app.
  8. Camera choice

    Has any one tried the head strap and put it around your helmet Head Strap Mount + QuickClip - GoPro Official Store: Wearable Digital Cameras for Sports I thought you couldnt stick things to your helmet as it weakens it ?.another vote for the silver edition and download tge free app for your phone as you can watch videos straight away on your phone
  9. Go Pro

    the clips are only about 10 to 20 seconds long but i didnt know if its worth getting an external hardrive so then i can empty the one on my laptop will make it run quicker ? but im a noob to computer terms all i know how to do is update my fb status haa
  10. Go Pro

    its set to the 960 and at 30 frames per second as that what manual says for high action recordings i didnt know if its beacuse my laptops pretty full of pictures and music but i put it on my girlfriends laptop which is the same and it played fine as she has hardley anything on it.
  11. Go Pro

    Hi i recently got a Go pro hero 3 from misses clause just wondering what editing software people use as ive taken a couple of clips but they play back a bit choppy/jumpy but are fine when playing on youtube unedited or do i just need to get a new/decent laptop
  12. New Jensen A540 Turntable Chipper

    there good pieces of kit got 2 at work the turntable ones ( work for the council so got lots of toys to play with ) eat through anything that fits down the shoot no messing
  13. Gannoderma

    im afraid not but i did have look and there was only a thin strip of sound wood around the edge about inch all the way around diameter of the truck was about 2-3ft.There was a obvious compartmentalition line separating the thin strip of wood the remaining wood apperd to be white rot with cracks originating from the center. I was thinking that it was panic frucation the last tier but i wasn't sure if what this years growth ?
  14. Gannoderma

    Hi this was one of many call out that i had over the last couple of days is this gannoderma applamatum that helped the wind knock it over as a bacon and egg butty is on the line haaa
  15. Beech, Armillaria?

    three for reduce (Y)


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