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  1. An obscure one I found from last weekends footage. Shadowlithing in the clouds.
  2. Nick Watkins

    The Dogs!

    That's what I have been recommended, picking up a new pup next weekend, can't wait.
  3. Nick Watkins

    The Dogs!

    Out of interest, is anyone feeding their dog on a raw diet?
  4. If it has to be a credit card then they can send you payment as a gift via paypal and load it onto their credit cards. By doing this though they forgo their rights of paypal protection but it means you get the payment without the fee’s (they do not pay any fee’s either apart from CC fee's) As you are not sending them a product then they don’t need the protection paypal offers, the one thing I don’t know is if there is a limit on the amount you can send as a gift.
  5. Planes, trains, ferries are all fine. Empty the fuel out and package up. The only thing all of the transport companies object to is Gas, as in propane etc.
  6. I'm not following this at all. How can a camera act like a hammer? Surely the rock is the hammer and the force is his head! It's highly likely he had a GoPro on, I say this as he was skydiving in Spain weeks before and had a GoPro on. Assuming he did have his GoPro on, and hit his head square on a rock then the camera would either flex on its mounting, deflecting the blow by a very small percentage or compress. If it compressed then the case would shatter and the force of the rock would continue onto the helmet. Sounds like the legal teams are sharpening their knives.
  7. Got a picture of what you mean? I have one for sale, your welcome to come and try it and see if it fits first, I am in Surrey and it fits my Hilux. I think my ad is still running in arbtrader.
  8. I have just bought one so it’s still available. Rated to 5T. OK with standard towing eye, assuming a Ifor plant trailer has a standard towing eye!
  9. The magnets are powerful, way over the national speed limit and they don't budge. How well they will work through aluminium is another matter.
  10. A little harder to read the words than I'd hoped! "Close Sam but no Cigar, my 13,500 FT lunge" [/url]
  11. I have a Wallenstein, it’s excellent in almost every way, apart from the ergonomics. In the horizontal position you are hunched over and as there is nowhere to put the rings you are currently splitting, you end up bending over and picking up logs all day long. In the vertical position life becomes easier but to get some speed up you’re on your knees all day and reaching up for the handles. If I bought again I would have no hesitation buying a Wallenstein for it’s components, however I’d want a waist height splitter with a big table and a log lift. This would be my ideal towable log splitter [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu3ksd3Rrx0]Homemade log splitter - YouTube[/ame]
  12. Unless you forgot to detach the toolkit when you jumped, ouch!
  13. As a P.A.Y.E worker my final salary pension scheme has been scrapped. My pension is now worth half of what it was. I will have to work longer than I had previously planned and hoped for. The bank has changed my mortgage and the cost of living has gone up. I am one of millions of workers that pay considerable sums of money into this country via P.A.Y.E taxes, I do not have the option of being tax efficient. I also don't have the luxury of a second job as 1. It's written into my contract and 2. I have to work long hours as there is a queue of people waiting to jump into my shoes. Life has changed, the worlds economy went bang and everyone is paying the price. Everyone wants what they previously had but only those working for the government will stand a chance of getting it. If they do, then the millions of P.A.Y.E workers will have to pay more to fund it. Good luck with turning back the clock.
  14. Anyone have good knowledge of second hand mini digger prices please? I'll stick an advert up on arbtrader but am not sure exactly where to price it at. It's a 2008 JCB 8025 ZTS in A1 condition and with only 290 hours on the clock. Recent JCB service and four buckets (One a V Ditching Bucket). No VAT and I'm looking to sell with Ifor Plant Trailer and x2 chain straps. It also has top of the range tracker with contract for life (need to check if this is transferable) I've seen a few for around the 12K Mark but they usually have a few K hours on them and have VAT. I'm thinking £16K, any pointers welcome.


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