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  1. First, good luck -tc in September. Now can someone explain what is involved in becoming an instructor please? My sister in law did the PTLLS course to become a teacher, not for LANTRA. She keeps telling me to do it, she reckons I would be good at it. Trouble is the only thing I would be interested in is all the stuff you folks use. So my first question is how much experience do I need before thinking seriously about training to be an instructor? Also which is the best route to take to get qualified? This is a long term plan, so please don't think cocky little s*d, trying to run before he can walk. Thanks for any advice.
  2. Is this it? http://www.treeworks.co.uk/downloads/CONSERVATION_ARBORICULTURELearning_Review4-16-06-2011.pdf
  3. I enjoyed it too. A picture paints a thousand words. Thank you for posting.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I felt sorry for it when I saw it chopped up. I found out today there is a chap with a turning workshop near me, so I'll see if it is any use to him.
  5. The felling was nothing to do with me. I only got roped in to move it because I had access to a trailer. Seems a shame for it to go for firewood, (now where have I heard that before)? Is it worth the effort buying an old wood lathe, tools and having a go, or shall I just chop it up? The logs stacked end on, are between 18" and 24" long. Some of the smaller diameter pieces have already gone for a decorative log basket by a fireplace. Thanks for your advice. Rch
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    Silky slip!

    You probably know this. Before you buy a bigger first aid kit, have a good think about the dressings you could need for the injuries you might get. When I worked at a steel stockholders, the boss spent a lot of money on first aid kits, nice big shiny ones. Trouble was they only had a few very large dressings and a couple of triangular bandages. The things we worked with could have a finger, hand or arm off in a flash! When you need something to stem the blood flow, what use is a tube of Savlon and a sticking plaster then? So he bought some air tight food containers to keep extra bandages and dressings in. They were all we ever needed really. We could have saved him a fortune if he had asked. (Obviously still needed the legally required first aid kits) Do you get taught first aid as part of your job training?
  8. Are there any recreational tree climbing days in the Midlands area? Ones where anyone can have a try. I just fancy a go at climbing a tree. I'm a bit of an old fart (55) so nothing too tough please. Thanks in advance Rich
  9. I'll be honest this was too scary for me. I was more a Rag,Tag and Bobtail kid.
  10. The book arrived yesterday (An Illustrated Guide to Pruning By Edward F. Gilman) I have only had a quick look through it, but it seems easy to understand and is packed with info and really clear pictures and diagrams. If any newbies are looking for an easy to read book I can recommend this one as a good place to start.
  11. 2nd edition, I'm eager to learn and can't wait till August. I'm going to buy the one on tree diseases too, because I know the next thing I will be asked is "Can you cut that dead tree down"? So if there is a chance of saving it I can.
  12. Thank you very much easy -lift guy. I've ordered a copy from Amazon. ATB Rich
  13. SNAP!! I keep being asked if I can just chop a branch off, I say no because I don't want to do more harm than good. I usually give them a tree surgeon's number, but I know from the look on their faces that they won't ring him. It will be a neighbour or someone who does a botch job. Is there a beginners book that explains how to shape a tree that is getting too big for a garden? Thanks.
  14. richyB

    Which ladder

    I think you are right. Well the bit about the biggest I can buy. There probably is not one ladder for all the jobs, I like the tripod type for use with the long reach hedge cutter, but I don't think they would fit between the hedge and the shed. So it is the Hailo 12 rung combi and lash meself to the guttering! I'll have to get the shovel out to level the ground a bit
  15. richyB

    Which ladder

    My bums twitching just reading that.


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