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  1. Bought a rock 13hp chipper last week. Very impressed with it so far https://www.rockmachinery.co.uk/product/rock-13hp-chipper-shredder/
  2. Have to agree, bought the Fs 460 last week and been very impresses so far, much nicer to use than the 450. Also the mowing guard is smaller making it easier to see what you're cutting and starting it up is so easy, could pull the rope with my little finger. Just hope they're as reliable as the 400 and 450 and if they are they will be an awesome brushcutter
  3. He has the 18 HP Lombardini in the hydro 100 and hasn't had any problems with the mower or the engine athough only been used for 1 season, around 300 hours. Just had a look at the etesia brochure and the 124D has the 25 HP Lombardini engine. I think they are fairly reliable and you won't get much problems from it.
  4. A mate of mine has the hydro 100 with the high tip, says it's the best thing he's bought. Never clogs up in wet grass and ground speed is pretty fast too. Says it's much better than the gianni ferrari he had previously. Only problem he says is the small 40 inch deck but the 124D would be too big for the small areas. If you got a big area that needs collecting get the 124D nothing else will touch the etesias for collecting wet or long grass.
  5. I always wipe my hedgetrimmers after use and then give a spray of WD40. It's reccomended that you spray the blades everytime you fill the fuel tank. Will keep the blades like new and stop any residue sticking
  6. Stihl FS 450 is the one I and all the local contractors use round here. Plenty of power and will work all day no problem. Dont get the Kawasaki as mentioned before too much vibration. Tanaka bruchcutter reliable but not as nice as the Stihl to use. Havent tried the Husqvarna's but wouldnt mind trying the 345 RX to compare to the Stihls.
  7. Is that the CS 100 chipper SWB? Out of interest how much did it cost? Just looking at one of those for my gardening business with the amount of growth the hedges and trees have put on this year


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