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  1. Well having read the previous posts, I am still confused. I have power in my yard but no landline. I like Shillo have spent many an hour glued to the screen studying various companies. But not been a techno freak most of the info is over my head. I know there are systems out there for remote CCTV monitoring of sites which alert you via your phone. But they are playing hide and sneak with me. Could anyone point me in the right direction as to a reasonably priced solution?
  2. I am curious how many of you out there use these sleeves. I must admit having been to jobs in the past, to remove and replace many a rotten post. Invariable it`s nearly always just at ground level as to where they have rotted.
  3. Your spot on D-D- Dan with that answer. It`s the degree of the ramp that's the major factor. And to my cost, I have found out mines quite steep. According to the Manual, it weighs 185kg. I have lashed out on a small 12volt Rhino Winch. If it was a shallow slope and then I too would have no problem pulling it up. I am all for making my life easier, no point struggling.
  4. Any suggestions which type of winch would best suit?
  5. It arrived yesterday spent an hour assembling it, and filled the engine with oil, tank with fuel and fired it up. Probably the most awkward part of the assembly was dismantling the crate it came in. Today was its test trial. I took it to a garden where I had previously done a spring prune back of shrubs and trees. There were mountains of brash of various types pyracantha, Budliegha, Blackthorne, Apple etc largest pieces 3- 1/2 " in diameter. It chipped it with no problems. There is a problem though, my God it`s a heavy wee chipper. Thought I was going to have a hernia backloading it into my trailer. Has anyone got any suggestions as to make it easier? It was a major struggle and took three attempts at pulling it in on my own.
  6. Well been on a small budget. I have studied the form, and no I am not looking at Horse racing. When in fact the difficult choice of buying a small ( WEE ) chipper. I have opted for the Forrest Master 13Hp. It arrives today fingers crossed. They claim it can chip up to 100mm or in my language 4" which seems quite impressive only time will tell on that. Pro`s For Price £1.349.00 Major Factor Size & Weight for getting into gardens and moving it around. UK Seller. Thinking Behind this is Parts as things do go wrong. 4" Chip ??? Build Quality -Quality of parts, Thickness of steel etc. Against No doubt there will be issues !!! Well, when it arrives and I have tried it out I will add to this.
  7. Has anyone had any dealings with this brand of chipper Good or Bad ?
  8. Just spent a pleasant hour viewing his video`s , seems a really nice chap . And his Hornet chipper is unbelievable for a little 6.5Hp .
  9. Was looking at Deleks . Not British but look strongish in build . And the Remet chopper could add a different angle , chopping the waste rather than chipping . Possibly turning into kindling .
  10. Would love one , but alas it`s out of my price bracket . And also the reason I was looking for a small petrol ( 14 + Hp ) . Is so that ,I could get it close to the work sites . Which are mostly small to medium sized gardens . With the typical narrow paths and passages . I do a lot of hedges and pruning . So a max of 3" to 4" intake is more than sufficient . Anything bigger would get logged . The more I look the more ,I get confused as to which one . You Tube, doesn`t help as the video clips all show them firing fresh Leylandii through the individual chippers . Which we all know chips wonderful with all it`s sap acting like a lubricant . Non of them ever show , Hawthorne , Blackthorne , Pyracantha , all entwined together . Lol
  11. My only glitch with the Rock is the waste chute is in a fixed position .
  12. Please could you suggest which brand is the best reasonably priced petrol wood chipper ??
  13. Just browsing for my first ( Wee ) small chipper on a small budget . Yes I would love a C100 Greenmech , but back in the real world . And been a one man band small outfit . Budget at a stretch is around £1600 ish . Has anyone had any dealings with the Hyundai 14Hp Chipper . All feed back would really help .


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