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    If they are timber posts then sit them on some levelled strategically placed breeze blocks and brace the post to the subframe with timberlock screws/bolts or you can but a "shoe" type bracket that the post sits in that you concrete into the ground, think Simpson tie make them ? Be careful if you nail as these will rust and discolour the boards !
  2. The worlds heaviest forestry mulcher. Worlds heaviest forestry mulcher on display in Paris | Construction Digger Blog | The Construction Index
  3. What about this for a view !
  4. Gotta be a wind up for sure ? Sounds like he was using an electric strimmer too ? And as for using herbicides without a licence, oh dear !
  5. J.D

    Ride on

    Save yourself the hassle and go for an Etesia or similar mate, Murray are aimed at the public not trade and will need replacing in no time if used pro.
  6. Bump for a lovely Caravaners night Well I bought a Static on the Coast and I have to say it's awesome, apart from the cold mornings and nights we've been having lately of course, my lad loves it to. Thanks for all the advice etc lads. I'll be adding a solar panel when I build a shed in the next few weeks and might even add a burner later in the year too. JD
  7. J.D


    Brilliant that mate, love it.
  8. Morning Folks, What kit do I need to setup a Satellite system for the Euro stuff and what would I expect to pay in subscriptions etc, the system is for my caravan which wont be moving far so it doesnt have to be portable etc, expect a fair few questions on this as I havent a clue where to start. Cheers all. JD
  9. J.D

    Opico Skidsteer.

    I wish it was my own work, I had to pay somebody to set it all up, I do add content and extra pages myself however
  10. J.D

    Opico Skidsteer.

    Well we went for the Micro Digger in the end, a Takeuchi 108, 2002 model all piped up and ready to go, got a few jobs lined up already, the first of many more excavators hopefully Micro Digger and Driver services covering Whitehaven, Workington, Cockermouth, St Bees, Egremont, Cleator Moor, Cumbria
  11. Pouring down and quite gusty here on the west coast of Cumbria, we are not gonna get much work done today by the looks of it.
  12. J.D

    L200 Workshop manual !

    I thought it was different mate, on checking it's the same though Been under the truck today and its all solid enough, was covered in mud under there though, so all cleaned off, u/ joints and other nipples greased, but i need a bit more time to check the universal joints on the driveshafts for play and the oil levels in the diffs etc. Hopefully one of these will sort it, checked the rubber / metal bracket and it seems fine, no perishing of the rubber etc ? Cheers JD
  13. J.D

    L200 Workshop manual !

    Muchos gracias !


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