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  1. A couple more photos of the beast.
  2. Hi, good point. it was felled as the Tomograph was showing hollow at base. not sure how far up the trunk it goes, as soon as I can get back up there I'll get a better look and measure how far up it goes and report back on here.
  3. Trying to get some shots of the but. As soon as I get some Ill post them
  4. In a dry pearion you can drive gight up to it on grass I've just sent you a pm
  5. https://youtu.be/QOvKqT6fJZs hope this helps
  6. Not the best photo but will now try and show the video of when we felled the but
  7. Yeah, Dorset flag it is, I think they had a competition a few years back to come up with a county flag. Jumping on the South West Flag band wagon. I moved down about 10 years back and love the place.
  8. Morning all We have a lot of oak a get away from site. two trees, the largest being approx 2m DBH. we have a tractor with medium sized grab with a trailer so can deliver, but needs to be as close to site a possible as I'll have to do multi trips and it is not a fast tractor! If you have a big grab and trailor set up then your more than welcome to take the lot, or as much as you like. Any questions please ask. Or any ideas of who might be interested welcome. PM me with a phone number and I'll call you back. thanks for you time. Ed
  9. Done, I think! Feedback welcome. I had to cut 2 attempts off, took about 2 hours for my 3rd attempt, using a wire coat hanger and an hour to whip, need to get the proper needle for next time. Thanks to all for helping and all the quality info on here to guide me through.
  10. On Monday i had one of the most memorable and best days I've had at work in a very long time. So I knocked up a video of the day. I hope you enjoy watching. So, what are your most memorable/best days? Have a good weekend all
  11. I'm having trouble with my tachyon splice as well. Could do with some advice. it's my first go and using NE's Tachyon instructions http://www.neropes.com/Resources/84906_NEROPE.pdf and trying it with a wire coat hanger fid I've made. in step 4 I cant get it past mark B what is the best way of attaching the core or the outer to the fid? Thanks in advance for any tips and help given Ed
  12. looks good. I'm going to try and put an eye in my tachyon, just wondering what size fid did you use? The friend I'm lending the stuff only has a 1/2 inch, which is way to big. so need to get another one. thanks for your time, Ed
  13. <p>Hi Ed, sorry I seem to have lost your mobile number. I know its short notice but is there any chance you could come and deadwood some oaks in a garden with me this Saturday the 4th, got a chipper this time! Ben</p>

  14. Evening All, I Live in the Bournemouth And Poole Area, I have a car so can travel to work. I have all my own climbing kit & PPE. I have CS30,31,32,38,39,40, MEWP, Chipper, I have a full clean driving licence which includes full HGV which covers me for towing. I've been doing tree work since August 2009 and just got back from a year in new Zealand, where I continued with tree work, gaining more experience doing all sorts of jobs including crane dismantles. Although I still have plenty to learn I believe I am a great addition to any team, keen, hard working, approachable and safe. I hope this goes some way to giving you an idea of who I am and what I have to offer, but the best thing is to give me a go. Feel free fo post under this or PM me. I look forward to hearing from you, Ed
  15. edward_holt

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