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  1. By the size I presume its a female, only seen a couple before as they are very secretive and spend most of the time under cover waiting to ambush. If you find one its likely that there are others but being protected they should not be handled or disturbed. I only came across moving logs it as its nearing end of hibernation it was docile but still gave a hiss and a strike. Covered her back up and let her do her thing.
  2. Found this little beauty . Uk's answer to the boa
  3. Good to hear my old truck is still alive !
  4. Infuriated me when I heard this Patty mp Lets just hope it's just a chess move, such a furore wil be made that it would ease a back step to build on green belt.
  5. Cheers , it was at the Woking Mosque
  6. Wet rings anyone? On phone so sorry alls upside down etc
  7. Call out in a sense more from a man at the side of the road HELP
  8. Al Premier supply in Merrow, Russell is the man
  9. Sweet bit of kit for ivy as WellWell posted and for ease of flipping up down large stems wouldn't be without one. But it aint law just pref
  10. How much budget do you have? 200tdi ,300tdi or td5? The latter will just be more expensive on parts.
  11. fen01 not sure on yrs but any local car part place should have them or fleabay


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