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  1. cheers guys, you can vote eryday (if you can be arsed that is). Every vote is much appreciated!
  2. Hi Jack if you are looking for work pm me Kevin Acorn Tree Surgery LTD

  3. me and my biking team 'professional idiots', have entered a biking video in the pepsi max it legends competition, and would like for you to support us and vote. the video isnt the best due to lack of footage we could obtain, so we did our best, it should beat all the other videos by far, as they're a bit crappy. please rate 'P-I birmingham' with 5 stars, and you can vote up to 4 times using the 4 social networks on the pop up screen. also you can vote every day, so please please help us in our quest to make BIKING the winner!!! PEPSI MAX IT LEGENDS [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BAz_CkJZq8]YouTube - P-I Birmingham[/ame] (like the video to vote) p.s. my team is on facebook so if you wish to veiw more content search for professional idiots, good luck friends!
  4. when in was on my work experience, i wasnt worried about the money at all, just wether i was going to do anything extremly wrong, like kill a client and discovering the body under the brash pile at the near end of the day. i to got £40 a day, but i was learning and i paid money to go to college to learn, so whats to complain about:011:. Also because i never complained nor killed anybody, i got further work after college.
  5. good luck, and dont put the chain on backwards
  6. has anybody else got some spare spikes for sale!?
  7. try a army and navy shop, lots of gear there, im sure you'll be able to pick up a bargain.
  8. have a good christmas everyone. dont burn the turkey! and wrap up warm
  9. hahaha, i did alwasy wonder why someone would given maids milking as a present!? why not a tesco or wait rose voucher !?
  10. so there isnt any chainsaws to be had!? well im goin to go cry deeply into my pillow! i feel hurt and used
  11. just a cheap regatta jacket does the job.


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