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  1. That is a stunning bit of wood, bloody heavy though. I did a crane job the other day taking out a Cadagi - Corymbia torreliana and the crane driver was taking lumps that were roughly 2 tons, he wasn't too keen, I was really surprised at how heavy it was.
  2. Thanks for that Peter, I reckon spraying with something that stinks of cleaning chemicals will perhaps do after getting the cotton buds out. Steve I reckon I'd look a bit dodgy opening my suitcase and declaring a Husky and a Stihl to Brisbane customs officers. However when they open the container at the dock and see the word 'Chainsaws' inspection will definitely follow - now for every minute of that inspection we will be charged, if they decide the items need to be fumigated or heat treated we will be charged a lot! So you see how important it is to get it right in the first place. Anyone know if steam cleaning a saw would bugger it?
  3. Thanks for that I have some surgical spirit in the cupboard I'll try that first.
  4. Hi Guys I am moving to OZ soon, I want to ship out two big saws with the rest of our household stuff. The customs will require empty fuel/oil tanks and no trace of any sawdust, resin or fuel. Basically it needs to look brand new. I am in a Phytophthera ramorum and kernowviae area and also DED does not exist out there either. So how to solve this problem - useful chemicals, steam clean (problems with electrical components?) err um? Any advise would be totally awesome dudes!
  5. Bloody criminal that is, blatant vandalism, how many years old was that! Did they find one without tree squatters in it or something! Have you seen How to Grow a Planet, now that's impressive
  6. Shame it isn't waterproof, the original back pad is like a sponge, well soaked after today. Might check it out though.
  7. Hi all just wondered if anyone has had this problem, the ignition on my timberwolf keeps on switching itself back to 0 from 1 and switching off. I remember using an old entec years ago that did the same but didn't do the maintenance on that machine at the time. If anyone has experienced this before some advice would be good as I am not sure if it is a simple spring needs to be replaced or the barrel itself ?
  8. my garage did it so just a local parts place i think, they bled the fuel lines too
  9. Checked the plug and its well blackened so looks rich to me, must've had one of the boys took the old orange screwdriver to it. got a new plug but need to tune it now.
  10. It was the fuel filter, turned to mush in the severe frost, I hadnt changed it in 40000miles oops! 15 quid sorted.
  11. Hi guys I have this problem with the ms 250, it struggles to start after it has been running and warmed up switch it off and then its either flooding or too lean. Not sure of the problem. Any advice please, today is the first day of not climbing for about a month so may be able to sort it.
  12. Hi evenangel I have an LDV on a W plate and exactly the same thing happened to me on friday 3rd. It was apparently minus 8 and I had loaded up as usual ready to go and off down the road, lost power and didn't make it much past 30mph the slightest incline and down to 10 mph. It is in the garage at the moment so if you find the problem let me know mate.
  13. Yeah the show was really good, the missus was even interested in the wood fuel and crafty stuff. My boys had their photos taken whilst sitting in a £ 250 K forest harvester, and loved all the big machines. Worth a look next year as some bargains on sale too.
  14. Yeah, I was thinking of getting one. Does seem like more to go wrong, would prefer the old orange screwdriver thing. Feels nice but only checked them out at the South west woodland show so haven't used one yet. You up early on a Sunday Dave?
  15. :001_huh:My Tirfor has a 5 ton pull and 3 ton lift, of course they can lift. You can even use blocks with them.


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