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    NELSON [south wales]
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    shooting,fishing,ufc,krav maga,rhodesian ridgebacks and chelsea fc
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  1. <p>sorted thanks steve</p>

  2. <p>you've deleted the images somehow. You'll need to delete the app and reinstall it and go through the initial download process again.</p>


    <p>hi steve</p>

    <p>I purchased the knot app for my android which I find a very good app</p>

    <p>but when looking recently the info on the knots comes up but there are no pictures</p>

    <p>regards martyn</p>


  4. yes. looks like he wants to be everyones friend:thumbup:
  5. reading this thread and I thought I was on on tree surgeons banter page on facebook :001_rolleyes::001_rolleyes: well ive bought one,as long as it holds petrol and oil,it will do for me:thumbup:
  6. nowt wrong with echo fellas,ive the new 360 top handle:thumbup in the past had the 26cc older version just bought a new long reach hedge cutter,i also have a echo brush cutter and normal hedge cutter great tools:thumbup:
  7. i do,when i was self employed used to sub for a company who have been running since 1972,never owned 1 top handle all stilh ms200s
  8. bought one in the week,used for the 1st time today. echo 360tes,not the quality of stilhl/husky but it was £200 cheaper at 336 quid:thumbup: defo up there with the power
  9. waiting for one to land on my front step:biggrin: any more feedback,owned one of the 26cc echo top handles,on a 10" bar great little saw on firs and leylandi hedges. 360tes very good priced saws £336 all in...
  10. would agree with that,meindls are great boots at a great price:thumbup1:
  11. I won a pair of trousers and a pair of boots from arbortec,wore them both today,both fantastic Sent from my LG-D802 using Arbtalk mobile app


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