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  1. Tip site Hillington , Kings Lynn

    Looking to tip a couple of loads of clean chip TIA 🤛
  2. Walnut any good

    Flipping funny that . It's gone now .
  3. Walnut any good

    Hi turners , is walnut any good of you guys , I have some which needs moving soon before it goes through to processor , looking for firewood money for it . pm if any good to you (based near Wellington Somerset)
  4. Digger Track/Final drive motors

    Give these guys a shout http://www.bussellplant.co.uk/kobelco-new-holland-dismantlers.htm
  5. Single wheel rear axle tippers

    Bad luck or not these vans are not driven by me so perhaps have a harder life than perhaps they deserve . Towing I agree , mid size or our quad chip no problems but when you start towing tracked chippers it doesn't like it so much . good set up I think , large tool box and good size cage for grass or chip if we need and plenty of hp . My lads just don't seem to like it though .
  6. Single wheel rear axle tippers

    I went down the route of a single wheel fwd citroen relay 3.0 tipper to run along side the transit . My experience is the citroen does not handle the weight so well as the transit at all, also towing does not feel so good . I don't have the knowledge to tell you why this is but it is . We burnt out a clutch and blew a gearbox and flywheel between 50 to 90 thousand but this often happens to tippers when working them hard . On the plus side it is quieter to drive with less transmission noise and works fine for our GM work lugging cut grass and towing the mower . As pete said maybe look at an O license truck which we are if weight is going to be an issue.
  7. Pre Christmas rush

    We're moving jobs to next year with no way of getting them done before christmas. Gray Git is spot on these things have been here for years so whats the problem now . March is funny too getting things done before bird nesting season having known about the job all winter . Much better than last year as we started the year with one job on the books .
  8. 8ft plant trailer

    Have to say the tr8 sits a little heavy on our 8x4 , only fits on the wrong way , truck copes with it , transit doesn't notice but I think I'll try a 9x4 if there is such a thing , or as the previous post a 10x5 would be ok .
  9. Tip site Salisbury

    As above , tip for clean chip and logs near Salisbury , once again thanks in advance for any help
  10. the 'todays job' thread

    Good one H One happy young man , few better feelings than getting your first big tree done . One happy old man , soon be hanging up the thinning slippers then John .
  11. Climber Full/Part time Wellington

    An enthusiastic climber/general operative required to join our team of commercial climbers. This can be a full or part time position paye or subbie basis . It may involve the odd night away (usually good hotels not doss houses and generous overnight pay) The odd early start (again generous allowance) Applicant doesn't have to be Bernd Strasser however needs to be enthusiastic about work . Usual quals required however we can help with lack of these also. Message for more details . steve@blackdowntree.co.uk
  12. Logs and chip to tip Wrexham

    Nice one Liam thank you very much .
  13. Logs and chip to tip Wrexham

    Looking for a tip off in Wrexham ? As always any help gratefully received .
  14. Please list your tip sites here

  15. Stopped by VOSA

    Thanks Gary , kind of my thoughts too , seemed overkill for odd plates and a bit of roadside testosterone perhaps on both sides . As for the breakaway I agree as we always have three or four new ones hanging on pegs in the workshop who should have been done before they left .


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