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  1. Climber Full/Part time Wellington

    An enthusiastic climber/general operative required to join our team of commercial climbers. This can be a full or part time position paye or subbie basis . It may involve the odd night away (usually good hotels not doss houses and generous overnight pay) The odd early start (again generous allowance) Applicant doesn't have to be Bernd Strasser however needs to be enthusiastic about work . Usual quals required however we can help with lack of these also. Message for more details . steve@blackdowntree.co.uk
  2. Logs and chip to tip Wrexham

    Nice one Liam thank you very much .
  3. Logs and chip to tip Wrexham

    Looking for a tip off in Wrexham ? As always any help gratefully received .
  4. tip sites

  5. Stopped by VOSA

    Thanks Gary , kind of my thoughts too , seemed overkill for odd plates and a bit of roadside testosterone perhaps on both sides . As for the breakaway I agree as we always have three or four new ones hanging on pegs in the workshop who should have been done before they left .
  6. Stopped by VOSA

    One of my lads this week was stopped by VOSA on a major road , it took him quite a while to pull over because he didn't have a clue who the orange lights behind him were which infuriated Mr VOSA man . The faults found were the plates didn't match (both company plates) and break away cable missing . Both of them problems could have been sorted before they left the yard which hands up for that . My lad stood his ground with mr angry VOSA man who was saying the trailer was overloaded (1 X kubota 3680 on 3.5 ton plant trailer) and was looking for fault which he did not find . This ended with no endorsements or fines but angry Mr VOSA man saying he was putting a marker on both the plate on the trailer (my old logging truck) and our transit . Can this guy do this and can I expect to be stopped every two minutes or is this harassment ?
  7. Trainee/second climber Wellington Somerset

    Trainer / Second climber to join our team in Wellington Somerset . Excellent opportunity for someone . The odd night away and some early starts and ongoing training . Mail me for more details .
  8. tip sites

  9. tip sites

    More to follow Steve , will get details off satnav .
  10. tip sites

  11. Tip site Shipley

    Chips , if you want logs we can bring or just clean chip .
  12. Tip site Shipley

    Any help gratefully received , cash or beers waiting . thanks in advance .
  13. Any stump grinders for sale

    Looking out for a pedestrian stump grinder , if anyone has one for sale please contact 07855 316780
  14. Tip site Cambridge

    As stated on the Chittering side , couple of loads of chip and logs thanks in advance as always any help greatfully received .
  15. HR software

    Which HR software are people using , bit of a minefield for me as I'm not the biggest fan of admin but its taking over a bit now . Any ideas out there for dummies .


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