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  1. Toxteth O,Grady

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Looks like I'm in , always wanted one . I have to say its been handy so far .
  2. Toxteth O,Grady

    Greenmech 16-28 to hire

    I.m guessing something like this or a varitrak jenson , xr8 just too big for the site .
  3. Toxteth O,Grady

    Greenmech 16-28 to hire

    I,m looking for a 6" tracked chipper to hire with varitrak or safetrak options . A quad chip will be too wide for access , anyone any ideas who has any thing like this in the south west or near . TIA
  4. Toxteth O,Grady

    Wellington Somerset

    Looking for grounds person and climbers , primarily for short term with a possibility of longer term work , usual quals and cscs an advantage although I can help with this .
  5. Toxteth O,Grady

    Climbers and Groundstaff nr Taunton

    I appreciate its the wrong time of year but if anyone is looking for work give me a bell as we've got plenty to do right now , 07855316780
  6. Toxteth O,Grady

    CIS payment

    Break down you invoice Labour , waste and machinery ect and they will only deduct from your labour ,come tax time it makes a great difference for me .
  7. Toxteth O,Grady

    Tree pits

    I had to quoate for a system a while ago , blooming expensive I thought and of course daunting . Brilliant idea and should be utilised in many urban environment and in the long term a saving . Would love to know how much that lot was and if I was far out on price .
  8. Toxteth O,Grady

    Quad spraying epsom

    I’m looking for a quad sprayer for 12000sqm of work near Epsom , needs to be operated by Cscs and nptc pesticides for quads , any help greatfullt received as always can bell me. 07855316780
  9. Toxteth O,Grady

    Night security at yards/lock-ups

    I'm sure I've read somewhere solar farms do deals with people looking for a park up . Might be worth looking into .
  10. Toxteth O,Grady

    Looking for wholesale hardwood logs

    Give me a bell , got stacks here and really not my thing anymore but can organise large loads 👍 07855 316780
  11. Toxteth O,Grady


    This is what we do , didn't like it at first but made a hell of a difference come tax time .
  12. Toxteth O,Grady

    Iveco 35c12 low ground clearance

    That’s the very same Ty , worked a treat , just got the new model one so may have to change to these again too , however may look into helper springs although Wembley a bit far for us
  13. Toxteth O,Grady

    Iveco 35c12 low ground clearance

    I had a 35c and can’t say we ever had a problem . It did have 5+3 springs on the back which must have helped . Do the Iveco 65 wheels fit which might help with height as the certainly look bigger ?
  14. Toxteth O,Grady

    Plastic/Rubber ground mats

    Thats the ones , was being mean and hoping some one may have a pile sat in the corner of their yard , going to have to put my hand in my pocket then .
  15. Toxteth O,Grady

    Plastic/Rubber ground mats

    I’m looking to cover 100 sq meters and looking for matting .Looking for those 8x4 heavy duty mats Anyone here looking to sell any they don’t use , tia 👍


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