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  1. I've got about 10 ton of Wellingtonia to move from Plymouth next week . I've been let down last minute by haulier . We can drop on with a crane. Any one want large chunks of wellingtonia or can recommend a haulier . tia
  2. The winches for £700 will be for sailing and not industrial use are they not ? Although I am not actually sure the GRCS is CE marked so void in the UK should the shit hit the fan so you might as well crack on . Out of interest where do you get the winch for £700 as I could do with one .
  3. What are peoples thoughts , it seems everyone is very busy and more so than ever . The fact for years we all complained of colleges churning endless lads out each year and this de valued a mans wage for sure . Now as it seems colleges locally are not churning them out like they used to climbers and decent groundies can easily command a 30k plus salary which is about time .Even smaller companies in this area are looking for middle management roles at 30k or more a year . Is this the future or is it a post lockdown pre brexit adb bubble ?
  4. Have to say I have a job this Saturday , got to be done on a Saturday 2 teams out on it and double pay for all . I have to say I don't usually go double as Saturday work tends to only be a short day if we work at all . The client was made aware early on this was ok with it .
  5. Staff required due to retirement . Groundie required . Usual NPTC's and B+E driving licence (less than 6 points). First aid and machinery quals would be helpful. The ability to pass a Basic DBS The ability to turn up at the agreed time a must . Some nights away at short notice may be required with generous overnight rates and decent accommodation provided . A requirement to work under own initiative as is the ability to receive instruction from supervisors . This is a mix of work commercial and domestic from ground care and fencing to large tree work and site clearance .
  6. Anyone any idea who us currently providing TM training in the south west . Tia
  7. Due to retirement and current work commitments we are looking for tree surgeons/groundsman/grounds maintenance (general all rounders) . The usual industry qualifications required along with the licence to tow. Experience of commercial contracts and the understanding of industry compliance . 7.5 ton entitlement also an advantage and ability to drive and operate a tractor. DBS check undertaken
  8. Pre covid I would have said landy all day long . Really like mine . Never been a landy man and certainly the body twist when i get out of it after even a short drive is a new thing . For estate work crown raising around fields 2 lads and a tracked chipper perfect . However now 2 trucks to site the tracked mewp may be more versatile . I dunno perhaps buy both and have the 3 acres of yard space and half million investment we need in an ideal world .
  9. I've had a chat with the importer . They are made in Turkey . The trailers are CE and TUV approved . My only concern may be spares however should not need too many for a long time. Brakes ok for me as I run an old Case tractor. Certainly much cheaper than some of the quotes I've had for other trailers .
  10. 8 Ton Farm Trailer, Drop Side Tipping WWW.JACKSTA-ENERGY.CO.UK 8 Ton Farm Trailer, Drop Side Tipping Anyone used one of these .I would be interested on any feedback . Tia
  11. As a nipper i was caught doing over 70 mph in a 30 on a 250 import bike . Stood in court stuttering away and was asked how much annual leave I had left and from memory I think it was 2 weeks and was handed a two week ban and fine which I don't also think was massive . Apparently sixth form girls aren't impressed with little scroates wheelieng past the college @ 5 oclock 30 years ago now mind
  12. Result. Checked out Thomas Higgins website and look ideal for future use . Rang the client and guess what no answer . Sent reminder invoices and made it clear if not paid today would be sent to third party debt recovery along with all other invoices and paid within the hour . Cheers for the nudge in the right direction arbtalkers
  13. It is getting boring chasing debts. Mainly commercial customers which each year takes a lot of time . Thomas Higgings will be getting a call this week unless something is sorted .
  14. Did not think they would be open . Good to know . Time for more robust correspondence next week then . For sure I think we will all have to be more careful who we work for . Chasing invoices can take up quite a bit of time , it's boring and time could be spent doing better things .
  15. I have a client who has owed for work done . Half of which was the early part of the year and another job completed recently .The work for this was done months ago however a planning application had to go in and the work only completed early May . After repeated calls and promise of payment we have now got to the point of the phone not being answered to me .They are still operating and have noticed their vans around and have been throughout the lockdown I'm told . Courts closed and suppose they know this . Anyone else in the same boat .


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