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  1. Toxteth O,Grady

    Working in Brisbane, Australia.

    http://www.familytreecare.com.au/ try these for sure , Nick is an old mucker , great climber for sure in his day , was out with him last year when he was over for a pint or 10 and looks like he has it sorted there 👍
  2. Toxteth O,Grady

    Bulk Wood Chipping

    http://www.biofuelchipping.co.uk try these guys , helped us out. 750hp chipper makes the rest look pretty tame .
  3. Toxteth O,Grady


  4. Due to an increase in work load we are looking for more team members , interesting varied work , 70/30 commercial and domestic mix. Get in touch for more info
  5. Toxteth O,Grady

    zero tail swing diggers

    I'm looking for a digger 2.7 ton or so for towing to operate a log grab and flail . Zero tail swing seems to be the most available but seems to me of lifting logs then surely a counterbalance is a better idea . I've driven machines a little but will be a learning curve and for the use we want it for training will have to be done . Any advice from you guys that have used these machines gratefully received .
  6. Toxteth O,Grady

    young person motor vehicle insurance

    Don't know whats happening down here then , they approached their underwriters to ask and it was a certain no . Was possible if I held enough other insurance through them (farm ect) but we've only got the chippers and a bit of tool insurance with them . Fairly sure it is going to sting the bank balance a bit but the benefits outweigh that .
  7. Toxteth O,Grady

    young person motor vehicle insurance

    Thanks Bob , wouldn't have even thought of them 👍
  8. Toxteth O,Grady

    young person motor vehicle insurance

    Can any of you arbtalkers point me in the right direction . I insure 2 4x4 and 2 tippers and soon to be another box van . I employ 2 lads of 18 and 19 currently on a part time basis and soon once they are released from college full time . These lads are really capable and great team members and really need them to be able to drive the vans , my insurance is up for renewal and the nfu will not even entertain under 25s. Any help with who to go for gratefully received .
  9. Toxteth O,Grady

    Favourite Picture of you Climbing.

    I like these , it's the tree that made me decide to go for it in business . Might dig out some pre digital got what I think are nice ones
  10. Toxteth O,Grady

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

  11. Toxteth O,Grady

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

    It was on a 130hp so my thought were it needed a bit more . As for a birds nest It was pulled apart with a 14 tonner and dropped by the infeed , might seem like double handling but deadlines for felling and all that . In hind sight I would have got this one in from the off , filled the first artic in 20 minutes
  12. Toxteth O,Grady

    Crane fed chippers and brashy material

    We had a heizohack in which I think needed more power , took 2 days to chip what's in the pic , which to be fair the lads didn't want to do with the tr8
  13. Toxteth O,Grady

    Free oak Weston Supermare

    Its spoken for now thanks , not worth milling though
  14. Toxteth O,Grady

    Free oak Weston Supermare

    Clearing a large fallen oak in Weston tomorrow , loading bigger bits if required not a problem , got to be tomorrow . Get in touch if interested
  15. Hi Ty , give me a bell , were pretty busy right now , 07855 316780



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