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  1. Look, my english is very poor today and don't know what you are on about with ""trashing arm". But i do know you look very gay in that picture.
  2. Top tip mate, Ditch them horrible trousers first. And start using your saw with two hands.
  3. A mate of mine is currently living and working there. Slovakia i mean. Don't know if he is on here. But i can tell you, he is working as a treesurgeon there. And he is saying it is crap over there. The work and pay are ****. Plus loads of corruption.
  4. Hello Charlie,


    How are you, are still looking to go to one of the scandinavian countries.

    Because there are a few jobs being advertised on arbjobs at the moment.

    Was just looking because i was thinking of doing a couple of months over there myself this summer. Since tree work is a bit slack at that time of the year in Holland.

    I am very busy at the moment. but on 15 march the breeding season starts here and then the works dies right down. Are you still working at Acorn?

    Let me know how you are doing.

    Maybe we can arrange something.

    O, something else there is a scottish company looking for a climber on complete tree care. Do you happen to know who they are they are based in Agnus. But they are close to the sea. that's why i am a bit interested.

    Ok see you later.



  5. Ok. Thanks for all the advice. It all sounds really good and i am all up for going. except for the fact that my doctor diagnosed me with carpall tunnel syndrome. Guess i will be staying in Holland for a bit longer. At least till i get the operation and the recovery done. I am well pissed off. Had to cancel some work allready. And can't really afford to sit on my ass for a month. Especially since i have only been self-employed since January. Oh well!!! thanks again. Storm
  6. Hello, i was just looking on arbjobs and this company was looking for climbers. Has anyone on here had any experience with them. Has any one done any work for them. Just qurious really and quite fancy working in sweden for a bit. Thanks Storm:001_smile:
  7. Hello William. Both the tree technician and treeworker are good qualifications to have. If you live in Europe. And since you live in the Uk i certainley wouldn't bother with these ones. I myself am a qualified european treeworker. But only because when i moved from the UK to Holland i wasn't allowed to do any non-private treework anymore. They just brought this qualification in to get arborists in Europe to work with the same method everywhere. Maybe it is a good thing maybe not. But i do think the name is badly chosen too. I would have preferred european arborist. I hope this has helped you a bit. Storm:confused1:
  8. hello, i used to climb on the helical and absolutley loved it. I would use an 8 mm prussik cord with either 3 or 4 turns and my climbing line was an 13 mm line and it was very nice and very fast. Also i found with this knot that i would leave the pully out of this system, since you tie te knot quite loose it would advange itself when thrusting. But since i have changed to a 10 mm climbing line i haven't used this knot anymore because it just doesn't seem to grip on this line. Unless you make like 5 or 6 turns in the knot and then it will just lock up on the line. and what is the point of using a fast knot if its keeps getting stuck on your line. But i would defenitly recommend giving this knot a try.
  9. Well I have got to say this is a good job oppurtunity. But you got to be a seriously good arborist, because you got to fill some pretty big boots.
  10. I will come and join the club asswell. Sounds to me that Birmingham is in the middle. Nice and local for me.
  11. storm


    I bought one of them, the one with webbing, a couple of years ago. And i wouldn't go without aymore now. Good piece of kit.
  12. just have the operation done. piece of cake i had it done some 5 years ago. never had problems again. don't have injections and prolong the suffering. just make sure you have the operation in the summer and enjoy a month off. i got too say that cut on your arm looks more painful to me than the operation. when i had it done i got in the hospital at 9 am and was home again by 12 am. and i still climb everyday now and use the stihl 88 on a regular basis without ever having problems. good luck with it anyway
  13. samson velocity is it for me. i will never go back to a 13mm line after switching over to a 11 mm line. so much much lighter and easier to use. and it is just so silky and smooth. i love it. i just get aroused when i think about my climbing line.
  14. Are you really doing the right thing here. and don't you think the tree would have achieved the same thing in the years to come with a much better affect than you have done here. And if that really is a sickamore in that picture i can't see why anyone want to spend public money on that tree. storm


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