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    photographer/Film director/climber. In order of income.
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  1. The show needs a protagonist...are you back?

  2. i see you are back. have you been given another chance you bad boy lol

  3. Depends on the size of the machine, the ones mounted on million ton lorries are good for a party in the cage.
  4. What agreat run of songs. Billy Childish and the members of the british Empire last tyw CDs are really good. Nice post. Ian Brown very cool guy, respect
  5. on almond slices...may contain nuts
  6. Not a joke as such, but this made me blow chunks.
  7. Otherwise everyone would think you were a builder? best stop laying bricks Rupe. I find the chipper chucking out 130db, a massive arboriculturaly sign written 7.5 tonner, chainsaws and a guy in a tree helps to deliniate this often confusing knife edge.
  8. two chaps working together, one an operator the other the cutter, or one holding and chucking and the other operating, can in Johns eyes be very efficient. Or two people in a cage built for one can get the mewp rocking. Does anyone know LEE at universal? I dont want to get anyone into trouble, but we've had some proper wrong times in one of em big ones.
  9. I still think it's real.
  10. Your the riddler arn't you?
  11. What happens to the ones that you havn't worn out? Do you have a special room?
  12. Can't. I have Forum touretts.


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