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  1. Peter

    Making some serious coin

    Only 72 hours? Imagine what you could do full time.
  2. Peter

    Another fungi ident please

    Armillaria tabescens?
  3. Peter

    multi tip tooth advice

    The wheel isn't square, it's a parallelogram. Therefore one opposite pair of teeth protrudes further from the centre of rotation than the other pair. Those are the leading teeth. Measure the clearance between the teeth and the wheel housing to work out which are which.
  4. Peter

    Battery polesaw / hedge trimmer

    Not like they are on the equivalent petrol models. The battery ones have a motor at the business end, rather than a gearbox and driveshaft.
  5. Peter

    Herder SCT-410H stump grinder Demo

    Maybe for the ultimate in back garden machines, the cutting head should detach from the rest of the machine so you can wheel it in on its own. Just need some really long hoses to power it.
  6. Peter

    Brash grab

    Similar to this. http://m.hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/TechZone/FittingsCouplin/Article/False/86392/TechZone-FittingsCouplin Some newer tractors have them as standard.
  7. Peter

    Brash grab

    The all in one type fittings with the big lever should be better for this, anyone used one?
  8. Peter


    Apta Gatling gun?
  9. Peter

    Keeping logs dry AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

    The more rain you get the quicker it drives the water out.
  10. Peter

    Keeping logs dry AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!

    I just leave mine uncovered and let the rain drive the moisture out naturally.
  11. Peter

    Show us your lever mounts

    That's what my new cranes got. You'd need a few more levers to run the grab and rotator though.
  12. Peter

    water driven workshop film

    Nice one John, cheers for that.
  13. Peter

    550xp Which Fuels?

    Aspen should be able to tell you which standard it conforms to?
  14. Peter

    550xp Which Fuels?

    What is the spec on the frt oil then? Aspen website just says fully synthetic.
  15. Peter

    550xp Which Fuels?



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