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    Selling my Bugnot Bvn34 2017 which I no longer need due to moving jobs. It has around 455 hours on the clock. 19hp Kohler engine Computerised hydraulic feed. Reverse feed. Tracked and in good condition. 750mm wide. Hammer teeth are in good condition. Serviced ever 100 hrs with new oil and filters. New fuel pump fitted recently New carb fitted and still have the old one as a spare.




    <p>Hi, Scottie,</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>They've recommended me to ask you. I'm looking for any publications about trunk injections in old trees (at least 60 cm in diameter). Can't seem to find anything. Could you happen to know of any?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Aleksander Shmuratko.</p>


  3. What about Fomes fomentarius, Tinder fungus, hoof fungus?
  4. Scottie

    Best ladder?

    We use them at work as well and they brilliant. We have found them to be easily damaged though just because they are light alloy. On the other hand, fantastic.
  5. There are lots of pics Jon, but they are all of the kids. Went to a Forestry Museum near Cierny Balog which is cool and I got loads of fungi pics when I was there last year.
  6. In Slovakia at the moment and it has been 36C in the shade and at 16.30 local time, it was 48C in the direct sun. Thankfully I am not working!
  7. I shared this on my FB page and when I get back from my holidays in Slovakia I will ask my boss.
  8. Its a shame you are in Bishop Auckland cause Bartletts at York are looking for someone.
  9. Could be in early stages of canker with signs of the bark cracking up. A good mulch and an injection of phosphites might help it.
  10. Get rid of all of the rubbish that is leaning against the trunk and give the tree a chance to breath.
  11. What about a good old mulching after removing the turf and also adding fertiliser to give it a boost.
  12. Tony, would you mind expanding on your last statement please?
  13. Let me ask this? I am also learning. It seems to me that there is over a third of the trunk is in decay, regardless of the compartmentlisation. If the tree had an resistograpgh done, would you have had it dismantled? Also could have the tree continued to live if the walls closed over? On a side note, did you grind the stump out and ever think of taking pictures of the rot in the stump?
  14. The problem I have is that I am splitting logs all year round for the winter. Which means I am essentially burning unseasoned logs. I thought if I bought a 'dry load' I could break that cycle and allow the logs I have to season I bit more. Thanks Penfold for the directions.
  15. I was thinking about going down Bramham but I don't know where the mill is Penfold. It would be handy to know where it is because I have a piece of yew I would like to get milled.


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