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  1. There was a time where people had the decency not to post contents of private messages/emails etc. Those days seem to be gone. Seeing screenshots of private messages posted on facebook has become the norm. I am very cautious who I private message any sensitive information to these days. Always assume that people have no scruples and you wont go far wrong.
  2. Shooter

    Which topper??

    I think the 360 cuts a bit better than the 201 but I still prefer the Stihl. Feels better in the hand and seems more robust
  3. Thats some responsibility there! Wouldn't like the grinder to kick up
  4. Perhaps he was wearing these
  5. In light of some recent videos which show people doing particularly stupid things, it got me to thinking, what safeguards/procedures do you have in place to weed out such climbers from your staff. For example, its sometimes obvious from watching someone over a short period of time what their weaknesses are. Perhaps they are super quick round the tree and pretty capable, but then have no common sense are likely to kill themselves or someone else. Would you get rid of them, demote them, or just hope for the best?
  6. Never tried that type, is it so bad? Or do you guys generally not like canned fish?
  7. Shooter

    Reduction Pruning

    Theres rarely that many reductions done in this country that don't require cutting and holding to some extent. Poles aren't much use in those scenarios. Plus you can rarely get in position to do perfect angled cuts, even with a rotating lopped head attachment.
  8. I think you'll find its only cheap if you buy a container load at a time, unless I misread your post
  9. Thanks. interesting to see how its developed in quite a short space of time really
  10. I thought SRT was a recently new phenomenon for arborists, so I was surprised to just stumble across this article on Treebuzz dated 2002 http://treebuzz.com/pdf/SingleRope.pdf Obviously the rope wrench changed everything, but were people using SRT back in 2002 for work positioning or was it purely access?
  11. i'm aware of Husky's advice on how to warm start these saws, but doesn't seem to make much difference in the hot weather. They just don't seem to like it
  12. How long have these been around for to be contained in such a small area still?
  13. So....pleased to say things have changed a little. Have been given quite a few opportunities to climb lately and its made a lot of difference. Still have a long way to go though
  14. yes I did make it clear I want to climb. I will give it a bit more time and do as you suggest I think, continue trying to make a good impression.


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