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  1. Stumpy Grinder

    chainsaw for limbing

    I've got a lovely little 242XP sat doing nothing. Not sure what it's worth, but I'd part with it.....
  2. Stumpy Grinder

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    I found a XP346 locally on Ebay which I won for £140 ! Private user said it cut badly and had no power. Turned out it had the original chain on which I don't think had ever been sharpened (as you couldn't really tell with side of the teeth was the cutting edge!) and the spark plug was loose. New bar and chain and tight plug and I had a virtually new saw for £140!!!
  3. Stumpy Grinder

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    If you can find one, get a Husky XP 346! Awesome little saw! SG
  4. Stumpy Grinder

    Faces in trees??

    I’ll just leave this here:
  5. Stumpy Grinder

    Faces in trees??

    Saw this on Facebook and loved it!
  6. Stumpy Grinder

    Job description/What they mean (Just for fun)

    Military Grade = manufactured by the lowest bidder! The robbery was carried out with Military Precision = Turned up late at the wrong bank which was empty and probably shot one of their own team! SG
  7. Stumpy Grinder

    Web hosting, who to choose?

    I built my own using Wix. Have a look on my link below. Very easy to use. SG
  8. Stumpy Grinder

    Husqvarna 242xp

    If there are any 'enthusiasts' in Suffolk, I've got a 242xp and a 254xp in good working order that don't get used any more. Open to sensible offers. SG
  9. Stumpy Grinder

    Gotta be kiddin?

    As advertised on ebay for £40!!! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Stump-Grinder-Teeth-8-Pieces/202515099301?hash=item2f26d72ea5:g:T0AAAOSwkXFb-yxL:rk:7:pf:0 Previously used apparently?!
  10. Stumpy Grinder

    Spotting stolen equipment

    eBay is a bit too traceable for serial numbered kit. Most stolen stuff goes on Gumtree or Facebook Marketplace or similar. Some people are pretty stupid though.
  11. Birch is great wood, but can't be coppiced. But what will replace ash when its all dead and gone? Having done some very large, but very young Eucalyptus stumps recently, that has to be a contender for a rapid growing sustainable supply? SG
  12. I got some huge mature Blackthorn rings last year. They burn like bloody gas! Loads of heat and a blue flame! Laurel is quite good once dried. Just started burning some Robinia which seems pretty good too. Softwoods seem to be overlooked in UK though? Let's not forget that our Scandanavian friends rely on it mainly and it's pretty nippy over there in winter! Dried pines are great to burn and most of us undoubtedly use them as kindling to start the fire anyway. SG
  13. Stumpy Grinder

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    But how much of the 11 million tonnes is actually burnt? Even then it is burnt over a much longer period of time. The CHP plant where I shoot burns more wood to create the heat that is then used to kiln dry the woodchip!
  14. Stumpy Grinder

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    So 6,749.57 km2 of California goes up in smoke and we are worried about the moisture content of wood burned here in the UK? Kind of puts it into perspective. SG
  15. Stumpy Grinder

    Free Lombardii pop next week near Stowmarket

    The 'Barking Fox'! Also a Chinese Restaurant, but its all closed down now and a bit derelict looking. Andy Strawson is almost opposite it and has a farm where you can offload firewood which he then sells on. I think he buys decent wood. SG


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