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  1. Tree Surgery Business Sale

    I've seen adverts like this before and I don't really get it? Apart from the equipment which clearly has value, you are basically selling your trusted reputation to an unknown quantity? This could be any Muppet that has the cash to spare, although the most likely buyer would be a newbie that wouldn't have that much collateral or experience anyway. If you'd worked with someone for a period of time and trusted them enough to take over, then that's acceptable. But how can you pass on business to clients that trust you implicitly, to someone that you don't even know? I appreciate that you are leaving the country, but surely you must have some moral obligation to those that have got you where you are? Selling as a job lot is clearly the easy route for you, but if I was buying, I'd pay no more than the value of your equipment, which if you split, you will undoubtedly make more on anyway? Good luck anyway with your move and change. SG
  2. New Forum feedback

    It is indeed, but it will only allow you to select a square section of what may be a rectangle which then becomes round? Re-sizing the picture makes no difference. Rectangles are therefore cropped heavily at the sides as well as the corners. Not a major problem clearly, just an observation............
  3. New Forum feedback

    The new style Cover Photo 'porthole' distorted my logo so that it was unusable. I notice other have been distorted and some folk seem to have removed theirs? Surely a rectangular style would suit photos better? SG
  4. A few questions about logs!

    Thank you for taking the time to write such a comprehensive reply Neil. The Fiskars Maul looks a bit of a brute and I found a UK supplier for you here: https://www.fruugo.co.uk/splitting-maul-900-mm-3900-g-fiskars-122150/p-10237139-21518467?gclid=CjwKCAjw47bLBRBkEiwABh-PkfS0QyhgfblHfAiS6o8TQVspa0NLk2g56AGdV_Zwbux4CihpYOgWzBoCJigQAvD_BwE I've not ordered one.........yet! Regards, SG:001_rolleyes: Looks like it might actually come from Germany - but in good time and for £7!
  5. A few questions about logs!

    So, I just googled and found this: [ame] [/ame]Seems like a very simple idea that cost nothing and stops the axe hitting the splitting surface as well as logs flying off sideways! Loving that idea! SG
  6. A few questions about logs!

    Some great replies there which I thank you for. Very consistent leader with the Fiskars X27 splitting Axe. Just ordered one for only £47! I also ordered a Fiskars X11 for smaller logs and kindling and a X5 to get the kids involved! The truncator is an interesting looking device, as is the oregan easy-cut, but both a bit too commercial for my needs. Ended up ordering a Roughneck Loggers Mate for £58. Not sure what length logs I can go up to as yet with a 5KW burner, so I need to keep them quite short . I may well make something in the future. All I need now is a chopping block! I'm pretty sure that the one we had on the farm in Devon where I grew up was made of Elm. Whatever it was, it was absolutely solid and the axe bounced off! It's probably still there! Large elms are sadly long gone, so I think a section of gnarly oak will probably be the best bet. Interesting to hear the height recommendations as I'd have probably gone a lot lower before reading the replies. The tyre on top has me slightly intrigued though? I'm guessing the log goes inside and it stops the split logs flying off too far? Thanks again guys, you've been most helpful. It may seem like a naïve question, but the tree and logs are normally long gone by the time I arrive to do the stumps! Cheers, SG
  7. A few questions about logs!

    So, I've finally gained permission from the long haired domestic Commander to get a wood burner fitted and hope to get it in by Christmas. I therefore need to start getting some logs and kindling dried and ready to feed it with! Before I go and waste money on rubbish kit, I thought it best to ask the experienced and knowledgeable folk on here a few questions first: 1. What's the best type (and height?) of log to use to split other logs on? 2. What's the best splitting axe/maul I can buy? 3. What's the best kindling axe I can buy? 4. What's the best saw horse I can get to saw logs on? Any other tips or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! SG:001_smile:
  8. Walnut

    I ground out a similar sized walnut tree stump where the rest of the tree had been cut up for firewood as there was only a 2' 6" gap to get it out! Criminal waste of spectacularly beautiful indigenous wood. Even the root wood was special, and I've since found out that the very best English walnut high grade gun stocks come from a decent root. Worth considering if you need to shift a large one? SG
  9. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    Groton is worth a visit. Famous as an ancient coppiced wood with small-leaved-lime and wild cherry. I stalked there once when the cherry blossom had dropped and it looked like a carpet of snow! SG
  10. Apple or pear?

  11. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    Both Arger Fen and Groton Wood (near Hadleigh) have some amazing Black Cherry trees. Both are Suffolk Wildlife Trust sites. I just so happen to manage the deer for SWT in all their woodlands which is a real privilege to work in such marvellous places. Raydon doesn't have any cherry like that so I'm guessing you'd be in Wolves wood? SG
  12. Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    [ 900 year old Yew tree. 19 foot girth!
  13. One reason I use Aspen

    OK, I don't use Aspen, but I do use Shell Motomix which must be the equivalent? It cost about £19/gallon which seems expensive, but is it? I have numerous 2-stroke tools from brush cutters to disc cutter to 5 chainsaws, most of which I use infrequently. I spend more time having to get rid of old fuel than is economically viable. Filling them with Motomix and knowing it will last, as well as the other environmental issues is a small price to pay. Decent fuel is cheaper than a new engine or a new pair of lungs. What price to you place on your engines and your health? MS
  14. Rayco rg25hd gear box ..

    Happy days indeed! I always leave the handbrake in the 'OFF' position when stored or they can stick. SG
  15. Rayco rg25hd gear box ..

    No drive whatsoever is likely to be the drive belt from the engine to the Hydrostatic gearbox either broken or too loose or the tensioner broken. Also check that the Hydrostatic disengagement lever is not stuck, or the button it pushes onto is not stuck in (this can be seen from above on the rear of the Hydrostatic gearbox). I'm not sure how the drive lever can have been reversed though? However' if the linkage has been changed, then the ground travel control lever needs to be adjusted to neutral so that the wheels and hub stop when the lever is central. Without looking at it, I can only assume something has been fitted 'back-to-front' to cause the change in lever direction? It does sound like your engineer is pretty useless though! Call Westcon Equipment and ask for Malcolm in the spares department. He is a font of knowledge and will probably be able to help. He will also be able to supply you with a Operation, Maintenance & Parts Manual which will help you to understand and be able to fix your machine yourself. I believe that to be able to run a stump grinder efficiently, you really need to be able to maintain and repair it yourself. Having an affinity with your machine, promotes mechanical sympathy, which in turn creates harmony between man and machine and will ultimately keep your costs down. SG


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