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  1. When you have that much power, I don't think it matters too much either way! Trouble is that they can't really see what they are doing? I have a remote controlled machine so I can be exactly where I need to be for safety and efficiency, even if its across the other side of a road - as I did recently. I can also get it through a 3 foot gate into a garden!
  2. Impressive machine, but your technique is awful mate if i'm honest! You are cutting across the grain constantly. you need to start at the front and grind below the root plate. Them advance forward and down, you are then cutting along the grain of the wood. Much more efficient and quicker!
  3. £350 would be about right, but I wouldn’t be taking any grinding away!
  4. Depends on the machine mate. I’d have that done in a few hours with my big machine. where are you based?
  5. Mainly from local Arb people that now use me pretty much exclusively as it works out cheaper and easier for them. Also several landscapers, fencers and foresters. Website and Facebook pages draw in some work - mainly smaller domestic stuff. But as you say - word of mouth and reputation are the biggest providers. Glad to hear you are still busy. It normally goes a bit quiet this time of year with bird nesting season, but this year has been strangely busy!!
  6. Big old wind blown beech - and there it was - gone!?
  7. Customer built me an absolutely solid pair of ramps to get down to a big old Alder stump! Just over 10 minutes and it was ground down to about 2 foot deep!
  8. I only use Rayco or Vermeer at present, but the Bandit gets good reviews. You see a lot of predators for sale which should tell you something?
  9. Get the stumps ground out! Only disturbs the root plate and the waste goes back in the hole. Sorted!


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