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  1. Yes I use it all the time! Most of the guys I subbie for cut the trees down and then just use this to send me the exact location of the stump to be ground. Works especially well in big gardens or parks/woodland. I can also have a quick look at the area on the satellite image before turning up. SG
  2. Quite possibly looking at their website? I wouldn't normally rant on an open forum, but I cannot believe how crap they have been! I ordered some teeth once before and there were a load missing as the package had burst due to being not strong enough. Despite several complaints and promise of replacements, they never turned up. I recently ordered a Green Teeth upgrade kit for a Rayco grinder. Order was placed online and clearly forgotten as I was asked to review the product and it hadn't even been dispatched! Order eventually turned up with 6 wrong sized tooth pockets on one side. The error was pointed out very clearly and 6 more pockets turned up. They were also the wrong size and I was charged for them! Phoned Monday morning to complain to be told the right ones would be with me Tuesday or maybe Wednesday latest. Phoned late today to discover that the order was still open and hadn't even been dispatched! Order cancelled and you can have the lot back. I've lost a weeks work and they've lost any future business. One mistake is understandable, but 5 feck ups in a row is surely not acceptable! Not Happy! Order now placed with another company.
  3. I find that hard to believe as there is clearly no communication between them!
  4. Just been through an extremely poor experience with an order of a Stump Grinder cutting system upgrade through Northern Arb who I've used before for other stuff and have been fine. I suspect the problem is with Saturn Knives who seem to supply them? What's the relationship between them before I send a massive shitogram! I've had problems before, but only ever with stump teeth. Not happy! SG
  5. Has anyone ever tried the various brands of teeth against each other to see if there is any difference in wear quality? There is clearly a difference in price between Greenteeth for instance compared to Ammco or Rotatech equivalents. Might be interesting to mount the various ones on the same wheel and see how they compare. Anyone already tried this? SG
  6. I had a decent 5KW stove fitted into a bespoke brick fireplace in a house with no chimney. The stove only cost 20% of the total cost. The stainless exterior flue cost 60% of the total cost! The stove is the cheap bit..........
  7. Use a bench grinder with a 150mm diamond wheel. You can do the face as well as the edges as the sides are slightly angled.
  8. It would work better with a jet washer and a slurry pump.
  9. It gets better than that! As Nigel says above, if you order a bucket of 60, you get 20% off which makes them £6.20 each!!!! Winner! SG
  10. Oh.. and there's this one the other side of the wall to do!
  11. As daft as it sounds, you could use a stump grinder to help you! You are after all only after the main root plate? Use a grinder to cut through all the lateral stumps around the edge which is what is holding it in. There may be a slight tap root but that should pull out vertically. Once the side roots are through you should be able to pull it out with a machine or chain blocks/tirfor winch.
  12. I go to so many jobs where folks have tried digging them out and given up! I've got this one to do next! Big old London plane! The trunk is about 1m across. Why do people even try to do this? SG
  13. I’ve got most other bits if you need any including a crank!


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