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  1. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    He found an alternative mate so it is still available. Just had it running. It’s a beast of a thing!!
  2. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    The only people making money is the people that are selling them I reckon?
  3. Stumpy Grinder

    Husky 550XP Rattle ?

    Sounds about right! I'll get a new gasket and live with it. A new exhaust is about a third what I paid for the saw! Runs fine and can do no further damage other than back pressure maybe. SG
  4. Stumpy Grinder

    Husky 550XP Rattle ?

    Just bought a used but very good condition 550 which seems to run well, but has something rattling around inside the exhaust! I have removed the exhaust and can see it, but it looks like a whole component which is too large to shake out of any of the ports. Any ideas what it is, or should I just ignore it or buy a new exhaust? The gasket broke too so I need spares either way! SG
  5. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    I got a Screwfix catalogue today with a little stump grinder in! https://www.screwfix.com/p/mighty-mac-cpsc82hex-242cc-petrol-stump-grinder/3771X?kpid=3771X&ds_kid=92700038951747591&ds_rl=1241687&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1249410&ds_rl=1245250&ds_rl=1247848&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIlMj7nbSy4QIVb7ftCh3izA2VEAQYASABEgLZZfD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds 242cc and only £3k !! That's probably only 8hp. The photos show it doing a huge stump, but the description says stumps up to 50mm!!!! I reckon they must mean 500mm surely? Anyone brave enough to buy one? SG
  6. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    Provisionally sold to Lux pending photos etc. If he doesn't want it you get second dibs! SG
  7. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    My price of £1000 includes the 3120XP power unit anyway! They cost about £6k new !!
  8. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    It will fit a Stihl but it would have to be a 880. Apparently the Husky is better though as it runs faster? It kicks out 9hp so it's a very capable stump tool! The teeth are not very tolerant of stone though as they need to be sharp compared to other stump teeth. They are basically like a huge chainsaw tooth! See here: http://www.alpinemagnum.co.uk/
  9. Stumpy Grinder

    Mini stump grinders.

    I've got an Alpine Magnum I would let go for £1000 if anyone wants it? Comes with a new set of teeth. I just don't seem to use it these days as my 20hp Rayco fits through a 29" gap. Magnum is a good tool with a Husky 3120 running it. Bloody thirsty though! I am in Suffolk. SG
  10. Stumpy Grinder

    chainsaw for limbing

    I've got a lovely little 242XP sat doing nothing. Not sure what it's worth, but I'd part with it.....
  11. Stumpy Grinder

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    I found a XP346 locally on Ebay which I won for £140 ! Private user said it cut badly and had no power. Turned out it had the original chain on which I don't think had ever been sharpened (as you couldn't really tell with side of the teeth was the cutting edge!) and the spark plug was loose. New bar and chain and tight plug and I had a virtually new saw for £140!!!
  12. Stumpy Grinder

    Which small husqvarna saw?

    If you can find one, get a Husky XP 346! Awesome little saw! SG
  13. Stumpy Grinder

    Faces in trees??

    I’ll just leave this here:
  14. Stumpy Grinder

    Faces in trees??

    Saw this on Facebook and loved it!
  15. Stumpy Grinder

    Job description/What they mean (Just for fun)

    Military Grade = manufactured by the lowest bidder! The robbery was carried out with Military Precision = Turned up late at the wrong bank which was empty and probably shot one of their own team! SG


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