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  1. Hi again, thanks for so many responses, didn't expect so many of you will answer my questions, many thanks! Now I know more. My question about measurements was because I started from ebay and first few and most popular auctions are in kg and for ash I saw 12ish £ per 10kg (expensive!), later on after more deeper search I found cubic metres from 100£ to 120£ but not in ebay. Again with quality: how to differentiate high and low quality. Are there any certificates or something? or just trials and luck at first ? My friend mentioned about firewood from eastern europe, cheaper and high quality. I've checked it briefly with him and it is really cheap, he tells me that it is also high quality (they have a lot of forests that's why). I'm asking about certificates etc. because I'm not entirely sure if I should trust him in that case cuz he is not an expert. I can always import more at once and even sell the rest that I don't need, or keep it for next years. Here is my next question: how to store it properly? I have small garage size shed near my house where I planned to store it, but I also have big warehouse where I currently store car parts and electronics(I mean it is dry place etc), I can make separate area and store wood there if I will make one big purchase. Is that good idea? One more: I see kiln dried and seasoned wood, both of them can be under 20% moisture? What are the differences for customer? That is all for now, I'm glad we have this small discussion. Again many thanks for responses. Regards
  2. Afternoon all, I've been wondering about firewood recently, and I have few questions for specialists like you. I have read something about it but sometimes I'm finding contradictory informations. Let's start from easy one: What is the best/most popular type of firewood? Ash? As I understood moisture content should be under 20% to be considered as good? When I get really confused is measurement, sometimes I see 1m3, sometimes cubic metre and sometimes kg. Can someone explain me how it works, because I see different prices. I've checked few local suppliers, gumtree and ebay/amazon and prices there vary. what is a good price for 1m3, cubic metre and lets say 100kg of Ash(moisture content 18%). Where is the best place to buy firewood because I see on gumtree muuch more lower costs of firewood than compared to ebay for example, why ? I'm placed in Greater Manchester area. Regards Edit: Hope I will start some nice discussion in order to summarize and set in order basic knowledge about firewood because this topic interested me.


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