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  1. hahaha Finished at half 2, Just cracked and got it done coz the rain was so bad, You get saoked today mate??

  2. Ill keep you in mind for the bigger stuff when i need a hand mate, No worries, Personally at your age id try my hardest to get a full time cards in job and get good experience that way, Best of luck tho pal and i will be in touch if i need a third person!!

  3. Alright Rob, I do both mate, I sub to others and i get my own stuff, It works really well for me, Why you ask pal??

  4. Yeah man, Ive seen it, Have you mate??

  5. Hello mate, Yes its extremely comfy pal, Got everything you'll need, TV, fridge, gas stove, did me proud for about 7 weeks, i loved it down in Coventry, Simon and his lads are a quality bunch and the Horse wagon is a great little motorhome. I think i have got some pics on my PC, remind me tomorrow and ill send them you mate, Just got abit of paper work to do now that ive been putting off haha Like i say, Remind me tomorrow and ill find them for you.

  6. Like a vid off youtube mate??

  7. Mine didnt record at all haha hopefully it will tonight, Just hope the end isnt cut off like the one you recorded, By tomorrow it will on the net somewhere tho i would of thought, so ill watch it somewhere lol

  8. Oh right sorry, when you said you'd checked it out, i thought you meant just watched it on the internet

  9. What you watch it on mate??

  10. Mine didnt record mate, Dont know why, Ive read on an MMA forum today that kenny submitted Gomi in the 3rd, think he choked him out, Its on ESPN tonight mate, re run so im recording that, hopefully that one will work haha

  11. You watched the fight yet??

  12. Helps if i post this on your message board not mine hahaha


    Portugal mate, Middle of May, Proper family do, Quiet little fishing village, just gonna chill out for a week, Sweet!!

  13. Portugal mate, Middle of May, Proper family do, Quiet little fishing village, just gonna chill out for a week, Sweet!!

  14. £5?? Ive just booked holiday man, I cant afford that hahahaha If im honest, my head says gsp but my heart wants hardy to win

  15. hahaha Holidays the last of the spending mate, I hope anyway, im broke lol


    UFC will be awesome, i REALLY hope Dan beats gsp, will be pretty close tho i reckon, what you think?

  16. Wasnt working with him today mate haha Gonna be 2 weeks til im back there, If the attitudes still the same, Ill be swinging for England lol You still conifer bashing dude??

  17. Your PM inbox is full mate

  18. Bill Heath, You skating legend, Some good **** there man!!

  19. Happy Birthday Rob, Have a good one mate!!

  20. Yeah, you'll get the money, Its not on that mate. Let me know what happens

  21. I had to get off and sort the insurance out for my new truck that im using in the morning mate, You get sorted about that car??

  22. Alright Bill, You found Arbtalk then mate??

  23. Cheers mate, I cant believe it, never won owt before, well chuffed Paul

  24. Clear your PM's pal! ;-)

  25. At £180 a pair mate ill be corking anything remotely pointy lol


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