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  1. We are currently recruiting for a permanent tree officer to join myself and one other tree officer here in beautiful North Somerset. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who has perhaps been on the tools for a while, has a level 3 qualification (AA Tech cert or equivalent) with knwoledge and experience of tree risk assessment and tree law. Here at North Somerset, each tree officer deals both with managing council owned trees and planning issues relating to privately owned trees, which makes the job varied and very interesting. I've attached the job advert which has got contact and website details. Closing date is 24 July, and the interview date is likely to be mid-August. If you will be on holiday mid-August, please mention this in your application, so that we can accomodate you, should you be short-listed for the interview. You can contact me for an informal discussion about the job. My contact details are in the job advert. You can find several useful documents on our website, relating to our tree team responsibilities. Cheers Linda Saretok Senior Tree Officer North Somerset Council 2013 Tree Officer Advert.doc
  2. Linda

    Poplar ident

    Thank you all. I was leaning towards the x canadiensis but have been contested on this by colleagues. I'm lucky though, since it's for a public document, we're only using a common name, so hybrid black poplar will do for me!
  3. Hi guys Can anyone give me an ident on this poplar? Thanks Linda
  4. I thought it was interesting to see the ways in which people who ascended on the casualty's line chose to lift the casualty's weight off the mechanical ascenders. The ones who chose to use his/her own weight seemed to do best!
  5. Remember that the hazard rating in this method was only intended to be used when you are managing a population of trees.
  6. Is the dog available as part of the package? That's all I want to know... ! Oh, and good luck!
  7. You're okay Mark. Funny that you said "lasses and that"... what are "and that"??!!
  8. I agree with all the posts above. There's a dvd to go with it but it's just so American it's ridiculous, don't spend money on it... or do, if you want to laugh at/with Rip and Tom...!! We're looking to hold a rigging workshop/jamboree later this year that will go through the theory as well as the practicalities of simple to advanced techniques of rigging. Keep your eyes open for more info...
  9. The Swedish comp will be held in Malmö 22-24th of May. Anyone going?
  10. "Cowboys" are highly skilled workers tending cattle on ranches, and should not be confused with the unprofessional numpties that you're referring to...!! ;-D
  11. When a wound from a Silky cut doesn't heal overnight
  12. Looks like Phaeolus schweinitzii to me
  13. I've done some Picusing and Resistographing on trees with Inonotus dryadeus, pretty interesting, I'll have a look to see if I can find photos and readings.
  14. I'd go with Phellinus until proven differently...


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