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  1. Hello good people We are looking to hire a tracked wood chipper in Edinburgh for two weeks. If anyone has one for hire please email me with your contact details w.hinchliffe@rbge.ac.uk If you know of any good hire firms that may have one please also let me know. Thanks
  2. "The species belongs in the difficult G. lucidum complex but is separated from G. lucidum s. str. by having a more robust basidiocarp. a blackish pilear surface, paler context, wider spores that appear distinctly "rough" under the light and scanning microscopes, and a preference for conifers. Unfortunately, no cultural data is available for G. carnosum" MycoBank, the fungal website
  3. In my post I stated that G.carnosum used to be called G.Valesiacum but I am not entirely sure this is correct.
  4. Remember these are quite old dried specimen so colors have will have faded. The photo of G.Valesiacum in Pilze looks very similar to Baxters bracket. Identification can really only be confirmed as Fungus says by a professional. So send it on in and the top people can have a look at it.
  5. Send it to me and we can Identify it at the botanics:thumbup1: I will pass it on to a profesional. They would be interested in it for the herbarium as our specimen is quite old. I think the best way to send it would be the whole bracket. When looking in the books it looks like it used to be called G.Valesiacum Here are some photos of our Herbarium specimen and a comparison with G.resinacium.
  6. I will get some better advice over to you after I have spoken to someone at work.
  7. Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh have a G.carnosum listed in the catologue for the herbarium. I will see if I can find it. It was collected in 1975 from a yew at Loch Lomomd, Inchlonaig. Im sure I can probably find the right book in the library with a description of the species.
  8. I think Wilton house near Salisbury has a large Quercus alnifolia near the palaidian bridge, I also think it has a Golden Catalpa. Would be worth a call.
  9. Go to worth Matravers and walk down to winspit. You are living in a great place.
  10. Thanks for the reply. All very interesting. I think advice thats coming out on P.ramorum in the Uk needs to be reviewed. The interpretation of the science has been confusing.


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