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  1. How long do the batteries hold their charge? Thinking of getting one to keep in the car for when quoting. I don't often work on the tools any more but occasionally I have a 5 min job or call out that I could easily do if I had a saw with me and it works out expensive for me to send a team.. I carry a silky already..
  2. Thanks for the advice, turns out there is a small inline fuel filter that needed a quick clean..
  3. This is how we deal with arb waste, but it is not really worth doing, especially now as the price of the wood for biomass keeps going up.. What with the 20% moisture content requirement I can't see small scale firewood production being commercial viable in the coming years. s
  4. I think he edited his post..😀
  5. man 6x6 tractor unit hiab crane lorry WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Scanreco hiab remote system fitted 2 years ago crane and fly jib... This could make a use full addition to someone's fleet.. Contemplating blowing my bounce back loan..
  6. The air filter was checked.. The smoke is not from chip or belts.. It is coming out of the spout but I believe the exhaust exits through there..
  7. How concerned should I be? Our 400hr Vermeer bc1000xl is smoking lots when on full revs. Not seen it myself but they are pretty sure its not belts..
  8. He could just run it across his land, still cutting all the roots, potentially leaving your trees unstable in years to come. There is very little you can do about it and proving it was damage caused by his utilities going in many years later is likely to be impossible... Try and come to an amicable solution is my advice. You dont look to have many neighbours...
  9. It can be done, but if done without care all your concerns are valid.. NJUG_vol_4_issue_2.pdfNJUG.pdf
  10. I have no idea, I have never used any of them, I imagine similar faults/breakages.. We have stopped buying them as although they are well liked by the climbers they do not hold up the abuse that employees subject them too.. I expect they would last considerably better when used by someone who paid for them..
  11. No I don't. Morsø S81-90 MORSOE.COM The Morsø S81 is a different and exciting insert, specially designed for smaller rooms. The frame is not included in the price.
  12. We found this was a problem in our narrow living room, so went for a morso inset stove.
  13. When the log is too heavy for 1 loader.. Biggest log should be 3.6 ton according to calculator.. VID-20200519-WA0002.mp4


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