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  1. Yep. Its all about having a good accountant, and one who knows limited companies
  2. Sounds like your feet are shrinking. I would defo go get checked out by the doctor as i'm pretty sure impotence follows immediately after.
  3. Its basically exactly the same as your ipad, but makes calls aswell
  4. My own bank wouldn't even give me a mortgage! Ironically my mortgage is with Natwest currently
  5. Yep...I don't know for sure though, but thats what my mortgage broker told me. I just took a mortgage out last year based on my sole trader accounts and expressed concern about when it comes time to remortgaging. He told me theres always a way, and theres lenders who specialise in limited company directors. As always, its a case of finding the right broker! If you get stuck when the time comes i'll be happy to give you my guys number.
  6. Sounds like the people you spoke to had crap accountants. I wouldn't let them put you off. Find yourself a decent accountant and get it done. You will save money. I felt physically sick for months when i went limited at the thought of how much tax I had been paying unecessarily previously. Can't do nothing about it though and I will never ever get that money back.
  7. I think some mortgage brokers take into account what you have in your company aside from what you have paid yourself
  8. Speaking for myself, going limited has saved me a fortune. If I had done it years ago I probably would have saved myself around 50k, but I had a crap accountant who kept putting me off the idea.
  9. Stick with me eggs, I’ll see ya right buh 😬
  10. Be great to see some before and after pics of your work posted here David
  11. Just buy the gopro helmet mount and stick it on https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Phot-R-Sticky-Curved-Base-3M-Adhesive-Pad-Helmet-Mount-for-GoPro-HD-Hero-5-4-3/261945298431?epid=1541116813&hash=item3cfd280dff:g:~B0AAOSwaqtcXG6F
  12. No experience with any of them, but @justinkingwell has plenty and sells TMK out of preference, thats good enough for me. TMK Tree Shear - KHL Plant & Machinery KHLPLANT.COM
  13. The UK’s leading manufacturer of professional wood chippers, Timberwolf, has extended its unrivalled customer support with the introduction of an industry first, five-year manufacturer’s warranty. The option to increase the standard three year warranty up to a total of five years is available across the entire Timberwolf range, and can even be applied to older machines still within their original three year warranty period, offering complete peace of mind. Combined with the industry’s strongest support network - featuring 17 dealers and over 250 Timberwolf trained technicians operating from 38 depots across the country - this industry first warranty further strengthens Timberwolf’s unrivalled customer support offering. Guy Marshlain, Sales and Marketing Director at Timberwolf, said: “We work hard to build strong relationships with customers and dealers to ensure our products and services are at the forefront of our industry, offering power, strength and support no other manufacturer can. “After speaking with customers, we developed our new warranty option to provide complete peace of mind, extending our warranty cover for longer, so customers can focus on their businesses, safe in the knowledge they won’t be facing unexpected repair costs. Put simply, buying a Timberwolf provides much more than a machine.” Over the last 30 years, the Suffolk-based company has manufactured more than 13,500 machines, providing a wide range of industry-defining petrol and diesel wood chippers for those working in arboriculture. Customers have access to support founded on three decades of industry expertise and engineering excellence to combat all challenges faced by modern arborists. This marketing-leading support has seen Timberwolf receive high levels of positive customer feedback with 99% of customers, since August 2018, saying they would recommend Timberwolf to someone else. Timberwolf’s industry expertise and guidance can be best viewed through the launch of its ‘All the Facts, #NoOmissions’ campaign which brought clarity to new government engine emission legislation – known as ‘Stage V – in January this year. A number of ‘myths’ had become prevalent in the industry, with many incorrectly believing diesel powered wood chippers could no longer be used or purchased due to the new rules affecting non-road mobile machinery, including wood chippers. Timberwolf’s awareness campaign, educated and reassured the customers and the wider industry that pre-Stage V diesel wood chippers above 25HP could still be used and traded after the implementation of the new rules. For more information visit www.timberwolf-uk.com or follow @MyTimberwolf on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  14. That literally is my only book! Got rid of all the others but didn’t want to part with that one
  15. Tried Arblease? Arblease | Finance for all new and used machinery and vehicles WWW.ARBLEASE.CO.UK Arblease is your go-to for new and used woodchippers, stumpgrinders, commercial vehicles, firewood processors, tipper trucks, skidsteers all on Finance.
  16. Not used one personally but I think Justin sells a lot of these Mitox Select LS65X electric log splitter 6.5 tons – FR Jones and Son Ltd WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK The Mitox LS65X is the most powerful electric log splitter in the horizontal range capable of splitting wood up to 52cm in...
  17. The second guys taking the piss obviously, as for the first. Well thats how big companies run now. 30 days is actually pretty good! I often wait in excess of 90 days.
  18. But I’d also add they are both pretty rubbish compared to any modern day climbing system
  19. Blake’s performs better than a prussik, no contest on my opinion


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