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Ty Korrigan

French experience...

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Thanks for this word Elagueur, had a hard time explaining to my better halfs family in France what I do, that might help.


I found this website Elagage des arbres par Olivier. Le métier de grimpeur élagueur, elagage. Les entreprises d'élagage. , quite interesting pictures, words are baffling me a bit.. I might have to get on the case and learn as sounds like she may have landed a job in France, I might be moving over too.


Now that's an interesting site!

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When were you at Merrist Wood Scott ? I was there from '93-97.


'96 TWTS


yes the one when that lad got killed

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Still talked about and reviewed in the current course...

Very sad, you can see it in the lecturers faces when it comes up.


He was a hell of a nice lad and probably the best climber there. Typical. Needless to say, it was a very bad day at the office. Anyway, let's not derail ourselves....


Ed, I can translate the site for you if you like, you espece de poitrine poilu.


Ce sont que des epinards ennuiees..


(can't find the accents on this foutu de bordel d'ordinateur!) :mad1:

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Please can we not let this thread descend into a rant against college education etc...

There is already another thread on this subject.

What I am writing about largely concerns my experiences with a 'shabby employer' than any incompetance or lack of experience on my behalf.

Well put that man! Im Enjoying this thread . Also, I wont use a blunted saw with no chainbrake up a tree, its dangerous and sloppy work practice. I had a climber turn up with ms200, it had the carb problem we all know, he had it set to 'tick over' with the chain spinning merrily, rogered rubber vibe mounts,chain brake handle broken off.I refused to let him use it on MY job and MY insurance, does this mean im not a real world arborist , or a bit green? I should have thought it would indicate good basic work practice! well done Tye!

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We are not all perhaps in a position to dictate to co-workers that they observe best practice regs; it strikes me that this is a two way street- work to your own standards and refuse to allow yourselves to let sloppy habits and such creep into your own work ethic...

Kinda losing touch with this thread as it has descended into a competition to see who can cuss the best in french but I think I would be looking to move onto pastures new if I were you-with a safer work practice culture and a mindset that holds the professional aspirations of the industry a little nearer to their hearts maybe.....:smokin:

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Whay hay!

Well I'm nearly offically up and running here.

Been working 'clandestine' for a few weeks as registering here is a long process.

I must register with the Chamber of trades (Chambre de Metiers)

Pay 400euros+ to attend a 5 day business course in boring business French.

Possibly have my certificates officialy translated to prove my self.

The government allows me as a 'micro B.I.C entreprise' an automatic allowance of 40% for costs.

Then takes 48.5% of the profit in 'social charges'

So... I earn 100 euros, am allowed 40 euros against costs leaving 60 euros to divided between Sarkosy (48.5%= 29.1euros) leaving me with 30.9euros to feed myself with.

Therefore, I must minimise costs and take as much cash as I dare.

I am only required to keep a basic accounting ledger.


I have won several one and 2 day jobs, big hedges, a couple of non technical take downs and the chance to quote for what may be a 7 day stint clearing the grounds of a manoir renovation ready for the builders.

Not needed a chipper yet as have burned or stacked the arisings on site or made a few trips to the local tip for very little money charged!


Today, I visited the owners of a property with a mature horse chestnut that has a large cavity just below where the branches meet.

It has a heavy lean towards 2 houses and a phone line. In fact a whole lot of hazards overhung by large heavy branches.

I priced the take down at 1150euros as I thought a 2 day stint with climber and groundsman and a M.E.W.P to help deal with some tricky branches. I'm maxed out at 5 hours climbing a day at current fitness levels.

The lowest price was 400euros but the owners didn't like the chaps attitude.

Me, well I'm over priced.:blushing: I know I could climb for less than the 300 euros but I cut grass for 200+ per day so why climb for that...?:confused1:

My grounds man WOULD work for 150 instead of 200 but he is worth his weight in gold to me.

I'm not to disapointed not to get this job as there are many Brits over here very hard up since the plunge of the Sterling and fall in the value of their pensions.

Still, I am going to make another offer to this client as they proposed to pay cash.:thumbup1:

I could dispense with the M.E.W.P and just grit my teeth and walk those dodgy branches I suppose...

P.S... We have an amazing Indian summer here!:thumbup:

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Back again...

It's all going rather well since I moved from deepest Brittany closer to the capital city.

January has been quiet with only 2-3days a week but Feb is completely booked up.

Not every job is tree related though.

Our new web site is online, it cost me a weeks tree and garden work in exchange.


Still lots to do to it yet.

Every month I get a couple of e-mails from better folk than I enquiring about starting up over here.

I confess to 'ere on the pessamistic side as without a real grasp of the language you stand little hope of finding work.

The CS 100 Wee chipper is really an asset and has won the compliments of a local forester who employed me to climb his own trees at home.

Just invested in our own bandit sidewinder stumpgrinder as the Laski rental ones were so expensive and wornout.

But what I really need are more hours climbing to keep a consistant level of fitness up.

Well, thats all folks!

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