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  1. I'll buy the Poplar standing. I have a few markets for it. Margins are so so, depends on the quality of the timber obviously.
  2. Mr Ed



    <p> </p>

    <p>I'll buy the poplar from you. How much of it is there?</p>


  3. Mr Ed

    Felling a big Top

    Hi guys. Just typed out a long reply, and the forum software lost it. Thanks for the kind words. I had a bet on those trees, that I could put both of them completely on the floor in under an hour. I won.
  4. I used to handle the european imports of Timberwolf processors. Dont have anything to do with equipment imports any more, but I can say that the Timberwolf processors are excellent. I've been to the factory in the US, and they are really well built. Not as heavyweight as some american units (Think blockbuster or the Canadian Cord King) but better sized for us. Will process bent knotty timber up to 24" - I know it will do this as I trialed one extensively in a yard in Vermont. If you want one, they guys at TW would be more than happy to ship one over.
  5. One of the Best Arb trucks I've seen. Clever idea with the chipper on the tail-lift.
  6. I have a requirement for 1000 tonnes of hardwood firewood. Will buy standing timber, roadside or delivered in, anywhere in Cumbria, Lancs, Yorks etc. Will buy smaller parcels. Contact me [email protected]
  7. Here is a picture of Pete's truck not carrying timber
  8. I always thought that he engine turned a wheel that had a load of cats strapped to it. As the wheel spins, it rubs the cats against a bunch of glass rods, making electrickery. Maybe your cats have died?
  9. Pretty good going mate. I'm detecting a touch of enthusiasm in your post.
  10. You're correct Mick, my statements were uncalled for and unquantifiable in any manner. I apologise without reserve and ask for nothing but your understanding. I hope, in time, you can come to forgive me for such contemptible statements. If I could retract my statements I would but I do not have a time machine. I wish that I did have a time machine, I would take my Macbook Pro back to 1984 and visit Steve Jobs. After selling my laptop to him for millions I would return to the present. I could do this several times as each time the present technologies would have changed. It is a flawless plan, I am sure you will agree, lacking only the availability of time/dimension manipulation technologies.
  11. If only all your posts were this succinct.
  12. Not attention seeking in any way at all.
  13. You need some new specs. I can see the blade of grass in the one pictured.
  14. There will probably be a blade of grass inside each one. Cute eh?
  15. Your getting the hang of the lingo Brendon. Although Rob's more of a geezer than a bloke:001_smile:
  16. Still perfectly valid as far as I'm aware - my card has them units on.
  17. The rollers on the 190 are very aggresive, and can stall out on hard dead chunks. Very good on live wood though.
  18. He was lucky in that they were willing to wait, and he was smart to keep them informed. I was in exactly the same boat, I paid off all my staff, all my trade accounts, and was slowly paying back the bank and Vat man. I sold my brand new house to keep on paying back. Unfortunately, I had 1 finance agreement outstanding, I was paying 1/2 payments to them. Then they were bought out by a much bigger finance company, who insisted on all small accounts in arrears being settled in full. I could not settle, so they made me bankrupt. By this time I only owed them, the bank and the VAT. Sometimes, circumstance forces things beyond your control.
  19. Sounds like a very honourable man. What would have happened had his creditors not agreed to wait for their money, and applied to make him bankrupt?
  20. That seems to be a common fault among fathers of a certain age.
  21. On the 150? Tiny useless bearings and shaft, small infeed aperture, appaling knife change access, aluminium blower paddles. All much improved on the 190.
  22. trying to see where your coming from here Dave - are you saying that if if a man is made bankrupt, then he is a failure? Or that a business may fail, but a man may (if full of grit and determination) pull himself up by the bootstraps and carry on?


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