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  1. That's a bargain, but carefully using it, it will take you to kickback city in a flash.
  2. geoff

    bad day

    You should be fine once it's run through, it's the one time when I'm glad of a primer bulb to flush the system.
  3. geoff

    bad day

    The oil will have got into the carb, or partialy clogged the tank filter, and ought be dispersed by the fuel mix.
  4. I don't know what spark setup it has, but I still think something electrical is breaking down.
  5. The raptor is work in progress, but the forks and brakes are in, and after bedding them in it has transformed the bike on the brakes, and in bumpy corners. Here's a pic of the old girl as it stands, but there's loads to do yet, that tl1000s motor is a gem, and goes like stink in the little bike!
  6. In my opinion it feels better in the hand, the ergonomics are more refined, it is very zippy in use, and feels like a very high quality product. They are both great saws, having used them both, I own the 390.
  7. Having used both I would go for the 390, it is a cracking little saw, they are both good, but the 390 is a very capable and well presented machine, superior in my opinion.
  8. Nice machine Mull, comfy mile eater.
  9. Nice Tim! I have been fitting 98 r1 forks and brakes to my cagiva raptor 1000, and boring and slaving my control levers with phosphur bronze to get them beter than new, no slop now, the forks were a chore, lots of lathe work to get a spindle to fit...just getting brake hoses made and I can dial it all in...
  10. geoff

    Tiny echo!

    Do you not get the loan saw there? I would contact echo and verify if the dealer says no, we do here in uk.
  11. Absolutely, and that is just the first day..... People do forget, in our soft cosseted modern lives we are separated from some of the big realities of our past, that gave the way of life we have today.
  12. geoff

    Tiny echo!

    Same here Old Mill, I have used them for as many years and found I have had less trouble, reasonable performance, and good backup. It's a good brand, and the company are quick to put things right in the event, without leaving you saw less.
  13. Total respect to all those who fought, and died there.
  14. geoff

    Tiny echo!

    The battery saws are improving, it is the way forward in the long run, but you have to lover the cackle of a little 2 stroke going about its work.
  15. geoff

    Tiny echo!

    They are good saws, and the little top handle saw is a cracker, but echo have responded to isolated incidents in a fast and thorough way, so quite how they have gone to the 'oposite' I'm not sure, but if your opinion is based on hands on experience I bow to your opinion.


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