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Fire rope seal


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Just noticed while peering down on my clearview stove that there is a small gap between the rope seal and the stove frame when the door is fully closed. Is this normal or would I expect the rope to seal airtight to the stove. The gap is big enough to allow a piece of paper to slide through.

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I'm not sure if the door is adjustable. I will get onto the supplier or fitter about it. When I open the door and look down the barrel so to speak, it seems like the door is slightly bowed. i.e. the gap is around the middle so it is sealing tight at the sides. Its a new stove


If thats the case Sean I'd send it back, it's most important there are no airleaks

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Have you got a straight edge you can put across it?


Clearview are probably the most highly regarded manufacturer in the country - so I'd guess a call to them will soon have you sorted if it's a new stove, as long as it's not been over-fired or anything silly.



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Just been on the phone to clearview. It was explained that the door has intentional curvature to increase the strength. I was still concerned about being able to slide paper down the back of the door when it is shut and in response was told that the important tight seals should be at the sides and bottom of the door. I put a straight edge on the back of the door and used calipers to measure how much it was bowed and it read 5mm. Anyone else with a clearview want to check theirs?

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Hello mate,


Did you speak to Clearview themselves about this, or was it the dealer you bought from?


I have a mate who installs several hundred stoves every year over York way and this sounds distinctly iffy to him, though he's not a dealer for Clearview - one of his mates is a Clearview dealer though so I'm sending him a message as well. Another contact on another forum I use has a Pioneer and can't slide anything through any of the seals anywhere - which model is it that you've got?


To be honest it sounds like an odd answer - the seals on stove doors are to make them airtight - this is how they ensure that YOU are controlling the amount of air going through the stove, and the efficiency of the combustion. Leaking seals will generally lead to the stove getting through much more fuel than it needs.


Anyway mate - we're on the case and should have some answers soon!



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I hope that wasn't clearview giving you that information, never heard such rubbish. As above fire rope is there to seal, not look pretty. If you have gaps (other than the air vent) then at best you have an inefficient stove worst you have something that might leak CO into the room as opposed to up and out of the chimney.


Let's us know the final outcome as it will be one to steer clear of (excuse the pun) if they don't correct the issue.

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