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  1. Stolen sometime in the last fortnight: International 475 tractor 1977 registration OSR 571R Red & White in original condition. along with prop shaft. one of only 1800 made with a perkins diesel engine. has a distinctive transmission bellhousing adapter to allow the installation of the perkins. Hakki Pilke 1x 37 easy This has a distinctive dent in the underside of outtfeed conveyor about 1/3 of way down from top as well as other distinguising marks serial no. 3711107 Husky 390 xp fitted with 18" bar Stihl 230 All stolen from my yard in Kinnoir, Near Huntly, Aberdeenshire while away on holiday. if anyone has any info or suspicions please email me on info@normanroad.co.uk or call / text on 07815 804 764. as you can appreciate i am very keen to interview the gentlemen responsible thanks Gareth
  2. Stove Installers Wanted

    pm inbox now cleared. so send again
  3. Stove Installers Wanted

    I'm looking for solid fuel stove installers in all areas of the UK. Hetas certified only if you are in England & Wales, QBE if north of the border in Scotland. If any one is interested please email a brief resume, including contact details, to me at: gareth@forgestoves.co.uk
  4. climber wanted in kinloss

    Climber wanted for about 1/2 hrs work in Kinloss Morayshire. call Lee on 07789 484 393 for details
  5. Hows the log sales going now

    The rain has been hideous up here too...wet cord caked in s###e.....not good. Its been tipping down for a week now. Sent from my GT-S5830 using Tapatalk 2
  6. Stealth Camera

    the Bushnell looks good but has anyone had experience of systems that send you a text or email alert if the camera is triggered. were they hardwired, wifi or mobile phone based? there have been a couple of thefts locally so its time to take some precautions. i like the camera idea. i also plan to put up a sign: "THIS YARD IS GOVERNED BY SHARIA LAW" hopefully that will have the desired effect:001_smile:
  7. Ride on mower

    So can anyone supply one to me? http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  8. Ride on mower

    I notice the number is close to the number in pleasants post above. My mandrel does have 4 securing bolts. http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  9. Ride on mower

    A bit more info. Does this mean anything? Sticker located on the strut that holds the grass collectors http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  10. Ride on mower

    Some more pics of the offending item I think the mower is a rebadged husqvarna. And the twin blade 42" deck it comes from http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  11. Ride on mower

    I have a ride on mower that needs a housing that holds the shaft that turns one of the blades. See pics It is from this mower Can anyone on here supply me. http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  12. Biting flys

    I thought they were called clegs. A few years back me and the mrs were driven out of a wood near orbost house on skye by a cloud of the buggers. I believe their bite contains an anesthetic so most times you dont feel it, you just see the blood dripping after the fly hops off. There is no doubt they are persistent buggers as just shaking an arm or leg will not dislodge them, you have to take a swipe. They prefer shade so moving into bright sunlight will normally bring relief http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  13. Transporting Small Tractor from Northen Ireland

    Go belfast / stranraer. Takes about 2.5 hours over water.....then only a weeks ride down to north wales:) http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  14. Oak table

    Beautiful work. Just hope you can get it thru the door, back into the house and in position:) I once spent an hour assembling a pine bed out in the garden only to realise I couldn't fit it up the stairs. Doh! http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk
  15. New Towing Regs - Jan 2013

    The rules are are a nonsense aren't they. So now you have to fork out the best part of £1500 to get a tacho installed. You were obviously intending to joyride up to durness and back non stop:). It really bugs me that we are all paying for an army of officials whose sole aim is to persecute businesses with this red tape crap. I took the decision to sell my trailer as I cannot be doing with this pettifogging bureaucracy. It doesnt make the roads safer, it costs businesses in time and money and is a civil service job creation racket pure and simple. Rant over. The revolution may be televised but it wont be towed. http://www.kinnoirwoodfuel.co.uk


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