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Hi everyone!

My new carving saw is on order and I'm very excited about the new opportunities it opens up. So, I was wondering, how do (UK) carving shows work? I'm more wondering about the stuff I'd need to organise than the carving - how do people sort out the basics on multi-day shows (food/drink/accommodation/transport). What kit would I need to beg/borrow/buy/steal? Are there good shows in south wales/west I could check out?

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hi , you defo will need public liability insurance , I W W Wallace is who I use . a market stall gazebo , warning signs rope to rope off your carving area and a tarp for the mess as alot of shows are at country houses oh and of course stock to sell, if you have a box van you could sleep in the back , alot of stall holders do , or a tent or caravan depends on how comfy you want to be and how much fafing around you are up for but one thing be prepared for doing a show and not selling hardly anything you can never tell one show you may take £1500 and the next year the same show it could be £50 but its all advertising , also when talking to show organisers its worth asking if they pay demonstrators as some do or at least a free pitch I think woodfest is in your part of the world , good luck

cheers Mark

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Public liability and your own risk assessment are a must. From there, Mark is pretty much on the ball. You need a pitch at least 10m x 10m and we use orange plastic snow fencing held by road pins to mark it out. We've had the public just walk under rope!


Make sure the organisers are supplying logs, if not take your own. That means vehicle + trailer or large vehicle, which, once emptied of stock / logs doubles up as sleeping accommodation. We carry a cool box, camping cooker, water, etc to cover the food/drink side, otherwise you can pay a fortune for drinks.

Add in a rake/shovel/blower and bags for cleaning up afterwards and be prepared to take it away with you unless the organisers are really organised!

Check if there is electricity on site, if not, take a generator or battery gear and plenty of batteries. (If you use power tools for finishing)


Take someone with you. Shows with multiple carvers are not a problem, but if it's a show where you are the only carver, you don't want to be legging it across a field to the nearest loo and leaving all that expensive gear unattended!!


Enjoy the event and be prepared to answer some very silly questions! ;) ;)

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Oh one other thing ratchet straps and ground pins so if it gets windy you can anchor your stall down I had one blow away in the night once , dont worry about asking for logs to be provided most big country est will have their own woodland team and I have found most are ok

Cheers Mark

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