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    Review: EDER Titan 80 Ratchet Felling Wedge

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    What a tool!


    I brought one of these Ratchet felling wedges over a year ago, reason being that I've always wanted a hydraulic version as i like the engineering principle, but at 2.5k the hydraulic ones are a bit expensive!

    These are a fifth of the price! So when i saw Treadlight Forestry advertising these on Facebook, i ordered one straight away (despite loads of typical bitchey Facebook comments)

    I kind of expected it to just sit in the truck not doing much, but I'm amazed at how much it gets used, and what it will lift/push over.


    25 ton lifting force, and lifts about the same height as 2 wedges stacked ontop of each other (which tips a tree a fair way!) However you can insert wedges into the open back cut, remove the ratchet wedge, wind in, re insert and keep going if needed (not yet!).


    Its really easy to use, much much less effort than banging wedges in. The last pic was 30c in summer, 30 trees to fell away from a school, no sweat was broken! most were leaning towards the school slightly, so we would normally have set a line in with a throwline (LOTS of faffing about!) No need with this little beast!


    Its really goon on dead trees, where banging wedges in shakes the whole tree, this gently pushes it over.


    The size is really compact, easy to find a place for it in the truck.


    Its relatively light, marketed as being able to hang it on your forestry belt is stretching it a bit, its too heavy for that imo - It weighs as much as a small ground saw.


    No problems at all so far, and its been a really good buy, if i lost this one id have no hesitations about buying another!





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    14 minutes ago, Treeation said:

    Is it easier on the body than twatting wedges in?



    Most of the time only one hand is needed to work the ratchet, sometimes when colleagues are watching, ill use 2 fingers to work the ratchet as a bit of a joke (Especially with one colleague who backed out ordering one at the same time as he was being tight, and now really regrets it!)

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    definetely looks like a great bit of kit...I remember trying to wedge over big sycamore with high lifts and it wouldn't shift, was smacking wedges so hard swinging wildly with a mallet that I gave myself some sort of bollock whiplash! not pleasant!

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    11 minutes ago, Steve Bullman said:

    What sort of money?

    I think they're knocking on £500+vat now. Have a word with the guys at Treadlight-Forestry though ;) 

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    Out again yesterday felling a pine stem, no room for swinging an axe because of the hedge it was growing in, and this morning on an oak stem fell.


    my colleague summed it up nicely, it’s civilised. 

    He didn’t break his back pulling on a pull rope and I didn’t spend an age twatting wedges in! 





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