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  1. Hello, We are a company seeking a subcontractor or two in the Bath and Wilts areas, we have a number of days available at the moment with lots of room to grow and more to become available. Interested in hearing about any sub contractual climbers or groundsmen! Got a few dates in the next two weeks so give us a message if your interested! Good day rates and fun friendly team. Smith and Arbor Ltd
  2. Yeah I just realised that oops. Looking for local or happy to travel from Swindon. Cheers.
  3. Dear All, Looking for assistance, advice or someone willing to take on the job. Next week my company are removing a large oak tree with a beefsteak fungus. We know this wood could be considered valuable for milling. We are looking for a portable miller in the local area to Swindon or someone willing to travel. As tree surgeons we usually disk the wood but want it to come to good use so would work with a miller with the right equipment to cut into bigger pieces. The customer is happy to just have a few slices as payment and this miller can have the rest for free so long as the collection is not chargeable. Any advice greatly appreciated look forward to hearing suggestions!
  4. Hi all! Looking for a little advise! This week my partner and I are carrying out a tree survey at a church yard. There are two trees we are having trouble identifying so we wondered if anyone had any recommendations. They are evergreen and coniferous, both tend to have boughs that curl round rather than grow straight. Any ideas would be much appreciated! We are leaning towards a Japanese Red Cedar for number 6. However still unsure!
  5. Hi! Looking for help or advice! Placed an order for an arb truck to be converted back in October. The company said it would take about 8 weeks. We accepted and started booking in jobs for when it was due to be ready. Now been told its likely to be late, and if we want we can go elsewhere. Not really an option. Not a lot out there right now. We are wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Does anyone have a arb truck we can rent for a few days in December so we don't let our customers down. OR is anyone selling an Arb Truck in December and will accept finance? A grafter or a sprinter are our top choices, though not sure we have the luxury to be picky. Gotta be in the 3.5 ton mark! Any help much appreciated! Thank you.


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