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  1. I have a small sthil there I bought to dick about cutting Mushrooms and bits n Bob's but wouldn't be any good for milling with a dont think
  2. Cheers for the offer tippin if a get the factory am after a might just buy it off you to stick in the yard to play with on small logs but a definitely need someone to just mill those trees for me like a says earlier my back gives me some stick every single day what a need to pop codeine like smarties for lol a really dont mind paying for someone to come mill for me for a good job dun and to save the pain in my back haha av even paid for my lass to do a load of massage courses so it saves me having to book one in every day
  3. Most of them will just be for raised beds mate but lined with plastic just saves is going buying them for 30 a pop just to keep the missus happy a should get 2/3 year out of them then they will be replaced with 3by 2 paving slabs when I get enough of them to do all the beds and pathways but I need some 8"×6" 2 at 3.6mtr and 4 at 2.5mtr I think for a judge I know wants 2 up and overs for grapes to grow up in his garden but also asked for beech
  4. A think the ash will need a bigger bar than 36" aswell andy mate unless a cut it in half but would rather have both live edges on it haha if a get a chance tomorrow I will get my lass to drive is up and take some sizes and pics
  5. All pics were on my other phn that I lost but the ranger a bought the trees off is on here I will msg him and ask if he can post a few on here as I think he lives on site where they are only rush really is the beech into sleepers need them in the next 2 weeks all other slabs will just be stacked in my allotment under shelter for a couple years but may as well have them all milled at once so it's worth while for whoever is milling them
  6. Haven't a clue about type of bandsaw mate just know the lad with Alaskan was using an 880 sthil haha like a say just new to live edge stuff bench hand joiner by trade but just started buying a load of live edge timber to play about with in an old pigeon loft turned into a little workshop haha looking at getting a factory in the next couple of weeks though so can get 3phase gear
  7. I was thinking of buying an Alaskan and a chainsaw mill andy but no good for my back haha easier to just pay someone I think like mate.I normally use a lad from Scotland i know but he cant get down to do it for is going off how long it would take him with the Alaskan probably 2/3 days work but hes slow working the oak beech and yew would go on a bandsaw mill but the ash would definitely have to be an Alaskan job from what I can remember of them it's been about 6mth since I bought them
  8. Areet lads what's the going rate for an hour of milling and is anyone able to mill a small oak a small yew 2 ok beech and a canny sized ash in Newcastle upon Tyne (jesmond deane) beech milled into sleepers all others 2.5" slabs
  9. Cheers Andy mate appreciate it
  10. Andy I will have a slab of that off you if any is going spair if it can be delivered to Newcastle upon Tyne good bargain in my eyes just new to buying slabs but seems a fair price to me
  11. Some one taking food out my kids mouth would definitely be more than sacked
  12. A was thinking the same thing the other day Gobby think I will go with butterflies though as definitely look better
  13. Ad of chopped your robbing little fingers off with your tools you complete numpty hopefully you set up on your own employ someone and they rob all your punters off you
  14. Stunning mate I have about 20 slabs of this that I am going to start working on in the next few weeks
  15. Barclays bank you can pay in cash at the wall as far as am aware theres no counterfeit plastic notes as of yet and 4000 in 20s is only 200 note what dont take long to count at all and cash is king in my book


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