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  1. Lovely the day on the nuts and bolt 😂😂😂
  2. Av got a Ryobi one just like that supprising how often you use it once you have one and on a hot day totally amazing for cooling you down haha
  3. My Barbour loves them ever time he comes to my allotment to cut my hair he asks if anyone else has any more for him recons it's the best tasting meat
  4. He wanted to them asap mate a couldn't even do them on a night after work because already doing my work in my allotment after the day work helping my mate
  5. A got asked to do 2 old ambulance a few weeks ago but nocked them back as got too much on and no space to put them haha
  6. This is getting a double on the bow with onsuite then the plan was another bathroom then another bedroom but think there just gonna have the one bathroom now then the kitchen/dining as soon as you step down into the boat the area you can see in the pic
  7. Haha aye mate it's on a dry dock but it's definitely not level anyway can't wait to start it cause a can roll out of bed and walk to it in 5 min haha scribing is a doddle anyway buddy like a say shouldn't be too hard it's going on the thems once where finished with it just for a base for the owner when they pop to see there kids
  8. First for me but shouldn't be too hard like after all it's just cutting wood haha
  9. Haha totally wrong place for getting decent logs to have milled up mate or dried in a kiln haulage fees make it not worth doing so thinking about building myself a solar kiln but can only find solar fans for it in America n the postage is a nightmare on them either gonna have mains power ran into my allotment off the power grid or just run a power supply from my mates house over the road from it
  10. Aye it's shxt like but a sed ad help a mate out who's took on too much work so got 37 packs to put down on a 45 degree angle in the one with MDF walls then a think about 60/70 packs of parkay to put down in another house in a few weeks after we fit out a canal boat


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