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  1. Ah thanks Mike only just noticed this also I lost my phone so could you inbox your number agen please
  2. Do you have any elm for sale mate stuff furniture can be made from just stuff that's down already not the ones for the peckers there grate to watch woodpeckers theres a load of them around mine
  3. Hi has anyone got any hardwood trees for free or for sale in Newcastle upon Tyne area either wind fall or still standing needing felled I am looking at making furniture an have a friend with a portable sawmill milling some oak for me at the moment so just looking for more timber for him to mill while hes here
  4. Who ever milled this do you have the slabs for sale ?
  5. Hello john mate cheers for the offer but I have just agreed a price on some so wont have the fund's there for another couple of weeks for more
  6. Just PM you with there website on the end of the last message I sent just scroll right to the bottom of the message
  7. Theres a company near me that do a 230 ltr drum for 888 including vat mate all dig out there details tomorrow and get them to you
  8. Hello mark yes very intrested as I would love some to make either one pice tables or resin river tables etc from also do bar counters encapsulated in clear resin where are you at mark I am in Newcastle upon Tyne and my guy with mill is in Scotland but can pay for him to travel
  9. I was just on pinterest and seen it I never even thought about checking the date and couldn't remember what this site was called to get back on to check if anyone had replied back to my post until a seen the one for monkey puzzle and thank you mate hopefully once I make a website to advertise what I can do I should be to take a lot more timber
  10. Hi Duncan I also am interested in all of the timber you have talked about if it's got nice grain and is sustainably sourced I am all about that I am just starting up at the moment but already have a lot of interest through word of mouth thank you both so much for your reply also sorry about my late reply
  11. Hi Mike I will take all of the above and if you have logs you have that are too big to mill I can arrange for my contact from Stirling to bring his I think he can handle 1.4m wide slabs my number is 07450588318 just give me a call or message
  12. Do you still have this all buy it from you 07450588318
  13. I am looking to buy hardwood logs
  14. Dose anyone have monkey puzzle,walnut,elm,oak,sycamore or any other hardwood logs for sale that can be milled and made into resin tables and other furniture I am in Newcastle upon Tyne
  15. Hello can anyone supply hardwood logs I am in Newcastle upon Tyne but if your in Scotland I could get someone to you to mill and remove them very intrested in monkey puzzle aswell and sycamore


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