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  1. If he dose chop it up for firewood hopefully he slips n cuts his fut off haha hate seeing ppl cut decent logs up for firewood like just to be twats 不不不
  2. Yes a suppose that's a better option like then at least if you get cought just say a was swapping you the same amount of firewood all looks the same when it's ash not so much as a sexy table 不不不不
  3. Or load it into Dave's trailer in the middle of the night be ****************ing sick when he goes out and sees it's gone 不不不不
  4. Just go mill it at night haha
  5. Windy and lashing down in Newcastle upon Tyne
  6. Built the sides up so there was less chance of them cupping as there not seen it don't really matter if they were seen a would of left them as full slabs and a little pic of the jig getting made (keeping it to one side for his next boat/boats) the tread jig will be kept aswell
  7. Slabs they came from and a pic of them once flattened before they were clamped up and routerd out
  8. 3 MTH on and off it mate a lot more work involved than I thought there would be when first agreed to do the work
  9. Cheers mate glad to see the back of the boat like he's talking about buying another one already aswell was fun to do but don't fancy doing them all the time Funny thing is the hardest part of it all was the little sock shelfs in the front bedroom the rest of it was a doddle really
  10. Didn't get many good pics before the boat was lifted but the coustomer says he will take a load for me once its floating and all set up so will put them on when I get them
  11. They ship all the parts to the yard near me to get assembled here Swannys a think a gonna start building them now though sure it was on the news a while back
  12. You could give you Coke to shoplifters in exchange for food clothes etc though haha


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