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  1. Pmsl plenty andrex me the daughter always makes me buy the biggest pack so she can sit on it in the trolly and we shop twice a week no need to panic buy shit roll though as have a friend that makes it and he says the one factory he works in could supply the whole country nevermind however many more factory's there are making it
  2. Stunning some of them like mate
  3. Most masks ppl have on have open sides do you really think you would not spread it wearing one of those your obviously an idiot if you do and like already sed by plenty the ones there wearing wouldn't stop dust coming through so why are they gonna stop a virus and like above if it's true about eyes a mask is totally useless
  4. A was quite happy to stand at the door and buy a new phn from the doorway it don't bother me one bit but the fact a worker in the shop is telling me he's had 2 panic attacks in half a shift and being made to carry on working with what is causing that problem is a fkn massive problem obviously you have no idea how bad a feeling a proper panic attack is like mate a wear a mask in my workshop for fine dust but not as often as I should but would rather fill my lungs with dust than have some of the attacks I have had
  5. Apparently they run tests with passive smoking dummys wearing face masks and all dummys would have cought the virus.and I went to go in a three store today that wouldn't let me in even though I don't need to wear a mask because of my anxiety the bloke not letting me on says he has it and never had a panic attack for two whole years but had 2 already today because was wearing a mask this was at dinner time so probably had more since then complete joke his boss making him wear one and watching him have panic attacks through it because it's there policy everyone has to even ppl that are exempt
  6. Definitely mate lessons learnt for sure that's why av pulled my finger out n got a move on getting a proper workshop so can control temperature and humidity
  7. All take pics when am in my allotment tomorrow Andy it's the second one a made aswell so was gutted to see it like a s before a got a chance to get legs on it haha my converted pigeon hut has a 60ft by 2ft window along the roof line though so gets super hot when the sun is out haha probably hotter than the greenhouse I have next to it
  8. I made one out of elm and blue resin but its twisted the twat so getting cut up and made into bedside tables haha
  9. Lovely that resin table mate
  10. What price you wanting on them when there kd mate
  11. Haha aye bpi have some sexy machines on like lol have to spk to the wife tomorrow and let her know am gonna toast a good few k on new tools haha
  12. Cheers Bobby mate that's the word a was looking for liquidation company's all check them out mate thank you
  13. Jammy twat haha could do with a few of them gonna start looking on them sites that auction them off
  14. Haha andy a seen another post earlier about chipping brash and can take as many ash logs as you want n thought exactly the same thing why the f is nothing like that ever on my doorstep haha


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