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  1. North Shields plenty rain was hoping for the snow to go sledging with the bairn might have to hop in the car to somewhere white
  2. All the best lads n lasses 👍
  3. Stunning that elm John the slab behind looks sexy aswell
  4. Canny mild in Newcastle been sunny but grey cloud blowing over now
  5. Works out £22m2 for resin on a finished floor for the resin off the company I dun my floor wall and worktop course with fitters are charging 120/150 per m2 to lay that's only at max 3mm deep though be cheaper for you to thickness your slabs of timber as thin as possible so not as much resin is needed to fill in the gaps
  6. It will be expensive aswell for the resin if you haven't already worked with resin might be worth your while doing a resin floor course around 500 quid then you get the resin cheap aswell from the training company and there at the end of the phn to help at any stage of your job your on
  7. Resin floors normally go down in 3 layers you have your base coat grey/black/white then your design coat (marble effect for example)then a poly top coat which is more hard-wearing and UV protection for the mid coat normally max 3mm deep the finished floor
  8. Made a few resin tables dun a resin floor course don't see why you couldn't stick live edge slabs on a floor and flood with resin 2 total different resins though might be best of making a resin table (thin one ) then flooding with clear floor resin to make level check the max depth of pour first otherwise it will exotherm if too deep.if you need to pour deeper than max pour on the BTL just do in separate pours
  9. Snowing loads all morning but melting as soon as it hits the ground in Newcastle
  10. I should be getting a load of rosewood after the Xmas from a retired fella who bought it many moons ago few different kinds one of them is Rio rosewood
  11. A know buddy and I thought about getting my welder mate to nock one together with a fancy sled on barrings but a bit silicone spray n it glides lovely
  12. Pmsl same thing different material buddy gets the job done


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