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  1. Rob where in Newcastle mate all have a ask about the local toerags if it's close to me am in Percy main but family from walker to Whitley
  2. Looks like spalted alder that I was working with the other week not a clue how to Id trees by bark etc so could be wrong
  3. Maybe there's a sexy woman across the way that the tree is blocking his view of Andy mate haha
  4. Wtf would you use a jigsaw for when you recon you have a battery chainsaw and petrol ones that's made for cutting trees you tit definitely a crack head or full of magic mushrooms you like fkn wolly
  5. No mate the treads literally just go between the pole and outside wall as Les sed there metal treads with a small pole on each that the next one slides into if you zoom in on the pole you should see the little collor that covers the joint on each tread in this pic you can see the shape of them pole end where they butt upto the pole all the strength is in the steelwork mate
  6. A wasn't going to make them mate a sed as never make stairs agen after making them 6 days a week for 5 year but the joiner the coustomer brought with him practically begged me to Infront of his coustomer so a felt sorry for the bloke haha but a few hours to get the templates spot on a few more to flatten the slabs with the router sled then sanding then router them out using the temps which was quicker than I thought it would be because it's a nightmare sometimes beech a final sand then osmo all in probably just under 2 days mate Turned out not too bad for making them in an old pigion loft in an allotment haha
  7. Aye a just made a template for each tred mate then routerd them out so there an exact fit once they get on site mate
  8. Eventually all upstairs is finished so the treads can now be fitted
  9. Your a bad bad man Andy haha some sexy shelf's in those sticks
  10. Haha all give £100 😁 burns hotter burr 😅
  11. Roughhew mills a canny bit timber he might be to help you out
  12. She's a carer aswell so at loads of houses every day so when they do decide to let everyone that's jabbed with crap to mingle together with there covid passports be interesting to see how many the vac will have no effect on
  13. Indeed it's a total load of poop no doubt they will just say it's a new variation of covid and there's nothing wrong with the vac because they will have shares in companies supplying the crap
  14. My lasses cuzin is in hospital with covid after having her second jab 2 weeks ago. Obviously not much good the shat there jabbing you with 2 of the older lads on the allotments both complaining about sore shoulders after having there jabs a few weeks ago aswell


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