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  1. I have a 34 deluxe serial no: 42226 does that mean 1974 or 1984 22nd week?
  2. Had a lady contact me regarding 10 smallish stumps for grinding. too far north for me, anyone up there on Here?
  3. It also makes branch walks so much better ?
  4. I learned by watching on one rope but only did my ticket this year on 2 ropes. Do I always use 2 rope and flip to move one....if I’m honest no I decide on a case by case Basis but I can promise using the two with the flip to use when disconnecting and moving one soon becomes second nature. It’s defo a pain in the tits though in a mega Ivy clad Tree if you can’t chuck your detached rope any distance through the next crotch for ivy.
  5. Sorry to be carried in the main vehicle while out doing general tree surgery & chipping
  6. Disconnect flip line and one anchor point leaving whatever line you can descend faster and easier on and abseil down in my case that would be with my zigzag
  7. Hi All, hope all are keeping well. Does anyone know where there’s a template or an example of the sort of risk assessment we are meant to carry in the vehicles with us?
  8. I know somehow who recently lost many tonnes of firewood when the shed was struck by lightening.......
  9. and doesn’t contain monkey ??
  10. I tend to stack all the cherry oak and beech to use next winter and burn ash straight away when I have it
  11. In a bucket? You mean in bits? ?
  12. Puller is ordered while the saw flounders on the service bench ?
  13. I particularly like your 056 it reminds me of my beautiful 032 with its sleek 70s ford Capri lines and I liked how in that era they made the fuel tank upright but the oil tank in the more familiar layout.


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