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  1. Gareth Phoenix

    please assist the uneducated

    Thanks experts. I can't see the problem with letting them sprout again. There are other bushes and small trees about so future maintenance is always going to be required. Or why not grind them ? there is a tracked chipper there so no problem with access. Now the Wirral line users get to see the Lever factory buildings rather than greenery.
  2. Gareth Phoenix

    please assist the uneducated

    Hi expert people, can you explain what this process is please ? Railway work on the Wirral.
  3. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 190

    the 2 bushes should fit snug on the shaft , check for any wear ridges or else the bushes will wear out quicker. Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111
  4. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 125 stress cutting in too early

    hi Duncan, yes as mentioned, the belts would be the first to check, and then blunt blades and anvils maybe. the no-stress works on the engine revs so unless this has been compromised it shouldn't have altered. On the 125 the no-stress will either work or not , so the cause will be another factor. Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111 .
  5. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

    I can't believe someone didn't reply once they knew your location. what budget do you have ?
  6. Gareth Phoenix

    TW 190 2008 infeed problem

    Hi Stephen, yes the relays would be the first area to try. If not them then look at the button switches ,DCV,no stress and general wiring. The relays are used on cars the most popular number would be a lucas 457. Gareth of Green Plant . call 01483 235111 if you would like to talk to a Timberwolf qualified technician .
  7. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf/Entec chipper feed roller

    Hi Will. great machine , single feed roller type. Its Gareth here (I used to be at Spectrum ,I am now at Green Plant) I will need to know what you have purchased ? A whole new roller kit or just body and spline ? Does the spline drive fit through the hole in the roller casing and do you have the plastic outer ring ? call me on 01483 235111 and I will help .
  8. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 190 no stress problems

    Hi Stephen, are you still needing some help ? We have some Timberwolf qualified technicians who are willing to talk to you if you would like ? Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111. My guess is that you have a EPS1000 system , they are not the best to be honest with you.
  9. Gareth Phoenix

    Hitch lock for TW160

    Hi , Mark. We have stock due in this week of a security hitch lock for the 160. We have had a few requests for them recently and so we found something suitable . Once they arrive I will take a picture and put them on our web shop. They will be £45 +vat. Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111. shop@greenplantuk.com
  10. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 150 Blades

    Your question comes down to them being either genuine Timberwolf sourced or copy parts. Block exemption regulations within the motortrade sector meant that you can fit non-genuine parts to vehicles as long as they had the correct accreditation this isn't always the case with machinery. For the cheaper non genuine parts you have to ask about the warranty cover , ourselves at Green Plant & Spectrum etc being dealerships will have the back up of Timberwolf and if there is a problem with the blades they take it very seriously . Would a non genuine supplier be as thorough ? Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111
  11. hello, might be wise to check your switches behind the buttons or the relays. Try replicating the no-stress activation by not putting wood in it , run the rollers and lower the engine revs manually. I have qualified Timberwolf technicians who I can ask to talk to you if you like. Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111
  12. Gareth Phoenix

    Car battery courier

    I have the same issue with sending oil now . JCB used to do a 5ltr pack in foil , then a cardboard carton and then wrapped in cellophane . it was an easy sale and no issues with sending , especially with other items in another larger box. they stopped this packaging and now use the normal thin plastic container ,like everyone else does, with leaky lids so unable to dispatch now. If anyone knows of an oil supplier that does this old style please tell me. Gareth of Green Plant 01483 235111
  13. Gareth Phoenix

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

    where are you based ?
  14. Gareth Phoenix

    Rayco RG 25 v belt tension

    Rayco official note - RG25 the v belt is properly tensioned when 6.4 pounds of force at the centre of the span produces 0625’’ deflection, any use ? Gareth of Green Plant , Rayco dealership . 01483 235111
  15. Gareth Phoenix

    Tw230 cutting out

    sorry in the delay Tom , I lost my internet for most of yesterday. if you are thinking just an engine problem then firstly check the in-line fuel filter . If you can blow , in the direction of the arrow, through it without your cheeks puffing out then this is blocked , even if you can't see that it as blocked. You can also do this to the fuel pipe line from the tank. After that possibly stop solenoid , and worst case scenario water in the head. Just an egg cup worth of water can do this. Is it throwing out white smoke.? If you think its when you are chipping then look at relays , loose wires , belts and/or blocked chamber all that may cause the revs to drop , no-stress kicks in and engine to cut out. Gareth of Green Plant . I have qualified Timberwolf technicians who you can talk to. 01483 235111


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