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  1. Access for an avant or anything similar and hire one in? Finish the job, Draw a line under this one and take it as a learning curve. We've all been there. I once paid 100 quid to a loadall driver for half an hours work to shift a massive piece of pop.
  2. Got a reply from the tree officer today, I can continue the work. He said normally yes, I would have had to file under 211 as trees havent been maintained as a hedge as such (the past application for reduction was done under t1,t2,t3 and g1) 3 separate conifers and a group formed as a hedge behind the bungalow. We are skinning the hedge area off which doesnt fall under ca. The trees do as such but he said as they have been reduced and formed into a hedge we can carry on without a 211. Just worth a check in my eyes. Thanks
  3. I know, hence why I'm trying to see if I can crack on rather than get deeper into the season by 6 weeks. Tried t/o 3 times today still waiting for a return call
  4. I'm more than happy considering the circumstances to it, weve agreed where it's not visible to cut them back hard, I'll ring the t/o tomorrow to see if I can crack on. Thanks
  5. I think he owners of the house behind have not long been in, so I think hes pretty happy that the tops have been done, just not so much for the fact that nothing was done his side. Even though I said numerous times about brown, I do completely agree, theres no real alternative to achieve the distance from the property. It will only be him that can see it. I'll give the tree officer a call Monday. Thanks
  6. They've been reduced just before christmas by the neighbours too
  7. Hi all, I've been asked to cut back a connie hedge in a conservation area. The hedge is the neighbours, and the overhang is literally right up to my clients bungalow at the narrowest point (theres a 2ft path inbetween fence and house) Client wants them cut back HARD along side the house and the section which is away from the house into the back garden, trimmed back as far as keeping green. Literally wants them cut back to fence line (completely understandable considering how dark it is and pushing on roof tiles and fascia) Hedge is approx 30m long ( 20m covered by property from any view) And approx 10m high down to 5 into the back (my clients bungalow is on a sloped rear garden) How does this work fall within 211, as its abit more than a standard trim, or does full notice of works and 6 week apply? Many thanks
  8. As above, rust! Known for squeaky drive belts, duratorq engine pretty much bullet proof. Walk away from a 90, far too underpowered, 115 or 125, this will be written by the small glass in the doors by wing mirrors . Check for rot around the sills, bulkhead floor (down the side of seatbelts in the front in single cab, or behind rears in double) tip body and check for rot around suspension joint areas (where the leaf springs bolt to the chassis) and the cross members. Very reliable Van's, if the beds rotten, dont dismiss it straight away as they can be sourced for a grand or so, just aslong as the rest of the package is sweet
  9. Yeah, the cpcs is around 1500 quid and from what I've seen, the nptc is around 400. Some sites are sound, rock up and crack on, others want to know everything down to your shoe size and what you had for tea all week. I'll try and make some calls monday and see what I can find out. Ultimately the cpcs will guarantee I can use it on site, thanks
  10. Hi all, can anyone tell me if the above course will allow me to use a digger on site work? We have a 2.7t volvo with rota grab and theres plenty of site work coming up in the future, but I'm not sure if I will still require a cpcs card under 10t to use it? The nptc is broken down into 2 Units, pre use safety and 360 excavator. Many thanks
  11. Breathflex pro A for me. Best trousers I've had, from sips, stihl, and the old breathflex. You shouldn't really be in a position to hit the back of your leg imo. But that's another story. Cheers
  12. Me and my wife are there in February, mother has just been, always wanted to go ( we enjoy our history) and I think it's good (not good but you get me) to see something other than the stuff you see in ww2 films and the like. It'll certainly be sobering, I'll see how long I can last
  13. All I could see online was the adapter to make them into leather straps. I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks
  14. Hi all, bolt dropped out of my velcro bottoms straps the other day and I'm struggling to find a replacement. Can a normal m8 bolt be used cut down to length with a washer or does is need to be a dome headed type like original? Thanks
  15. I'd recommend an ms150, and something like some hs45 short arms or the 86, I've topped many hedges using these, knock the thick stuff out with the saw, and trim the edges with the trimmers, all you'll have to do from the floor is the face and the very top edge. If your super good, you can loose loads of the stuff in the hedge using a reciprocating cut [emoji108] Dont loose your sense of humour, you'll get through it


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