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  1. Carl1991

    Which bollard?

    I use buxtons (treehog) bollard, cost me 190 quid, takes 14mm rope, comes with bag and 2 ratchet straps, has rubber pads on the back so a good all rounder for lowering whilst retaining trees, on a dismantle, just notch it in. It maybe cheaper or more expensive than others, I'm not sure on the whole specs all I can say is the bollard is only good when someone runs it well. All the best with the self employment [emoji106]
  2. Carl1991

    Greenmech ec 1623

    Could you give me abit of your knowledge about the stop bar? To stop the rollers, does it sort of lock into a tab and you release it with the red handle on the side? It works brilliantly I just don't understand the set up thats all
  3. Carl1991

    Greenmech ec 1623

    Hi all, i maybe interested as someone I know is looking to sell, has anyone any experience/ feedback on the above chipper? 2007 model, performs well, cosmetically tidy apart from a bit of damage to the fibre glass top presumably by being pushed by hand against the corner, only thing I can see at fault is brake damper as it does shunt hard when you brake abit hard hes asking 4.5k no vat. Cant be certain of the hours as clock reads 366 hrs but its 2007 Cheers
  4. Carl1991

    What's the going rate for block paving

    All in, dug out, teram membrane, mot, flag edging and waste away pal
  5. Carl1991

    What's the going rate for block paving

    I've had a price for 55 per sqm but that was approx 100 sqm Steve
  6. Carl1991

    Srt use/benefits

    I get you, so say a natural crotch or a redirect then work the outsides of the canopy? As for the course, I would like to go on a workshop or a reccy climb srt. Cheers
  7. Hi all, I'm interested in switching to srt, I am just wondering if anyone who uses it could give me some answers and opinions. I currently use ddrt with a zigzag, but I cant really get my head around the concept when it comes to working the tree. I get the massive benefit of ascent, but I'm abit clueless with working around the canopy, do you have to clip back into your ascenders etc to move up? It my seem a dumb question, maybe abit of a faff rather than just coming back in from a branch walk and pulling up etc? I wouldn't mind trying a foot/knee ascender ddrt (I'm quite interested in the stein knee setup) for those after lunch/throwline setups, can anyone give me any pointers? Thanks
  8. Carl1991

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    I picked up the 365 this morning and in comparison to the ms291 in my other hand it was only marginally heavier, imo the best saw I've ever used/chucked about was a 261
  9. Carl1991

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    It's a 365 x torq 70.7cc. Cheers
  10. Carl1991

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    365 bought [emoji108] thanks
  11. Carl1991

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    And apologies for this thread again, I've just noticed the 362 v 562 thread
  12. Carl1991

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    Hi, I'm after a medium sized ground/chogging saw, ideally running a 20" bar and occasionally a 24" ( on bigger stems when a couple of us are ringing up) Price bracket around 600 quid, I'm drawn between the above 2, 365 slightly heavier, but no auto tune, 562 newer tech but lighter. Apparently both can pull 20,24" bars, not quite 28" what the husq specs say, but I've a 66 for that stuff. Anyone got any opinions Thanks
  13. Carl1991

    Looking for a combi tool.

    I'd go for the 94, it'll take abit more stick, due to the solid drive shaft as opposed to the flexi in the 56, it's a different machine for little extra money (in my local dealer)
  14. Carl1991

    Arblease how it works

    I'd personally borrow from the bank the intended amount, interest is usually (I haven't looked at any figures) less than that of finance, and you own it outright, you can usually overpay without penalty, so if you have a good period, hammer the loan away
  15. Carl1991

    Facebook video. Graphic accident

    Possibly a young inexperienced lad. Must have been against the clock or peer pressured into that surely? Hope he recovers soon


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