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  1. Breathflex pro A for me. Best trousers I've had, from sips, stihl, and the old breathflex. You shouldn't really be in a position to hit the back of your leg imo. But that's another story. Cheers
  2. Me and my wife are there in February, mother has just been, always wanted to go ( we enjoy our history) and I think it's good (not good but you get me) to see something other than the stuff you see in ww2 films and the like. It'll certainly be sobering, I'll see how long I can last
  3. All I could see online was the adapter to make them into leather straps. I'll call them tomorrow. Thanks
  4. Hi all, bolt dropped out of my velcro bottoms straps the other day and I'm struggling to find a replacement. Can a normal m8 bolt be used cut down to length with a washer or does is need to be a dome headed type like original? Thanks
  5. I'd recommend an ms150, and something like some hs45 short arms or the 86, I've topped many hedges using these, knock the thick stuff out with the saw, and trim the edges with the trimmers, all you'll have to do from the floor is the face and the very top edge. If your super good, you can loose loads of the stuff in the hedge using a reciprocating cut [emoji108] Dont loose your sense of humour, you'll get through it
  6. I think it's purely down to more training, to me, the cost of the courses is too much and doesn't equate to enough of an in depth course, a company near to me has advertised as week long cs38 at nearly £800. Hse can do all it needs to lay an umbrella over everything, but in 3 weeks of training, you'd be branded "competent" to take on the world. I believe if they are going to be bringing the 2 lifelines in, it should be brought in to the new climbers, the utility sector ( I don't climb line work but I'm sure rigging is at a minimum?) for us older generation of climbers, we have moved on with the times, srt, mechanical systems etc, 2 lines is literally me going back 5 years when trained on my 38. I believe it should be made mandatory to begin with, and maybe some kind of "timeline" when you can get off 2 ropes, say a new lad doing 6 months on 2 ropes when the job requires. I'm only young, but old school, I'm a firm believer that if your having these kinds of accidents, you shouldn't be doing this work. I do agree more problems with fatigue, gear etc. I think the balance of task at hand v 2 ropes will out balance the need for it, theres too many variables in tree work, a dismantle is a constantly moving thing, a reduction again the tree maybe not being removed, but the climber is flying around everywhere. Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply Paul. It's an already competitive industry, this could mean alot of difficulty for the companies. I respect the aa, I reg sub to companies in your scheme, it wouldn't be a bad shout going round, looking at the type of work they do before coming to an agreement. Thanks
  8. I've skipped many pages apologies if this has been covered, but have the arb association actually done anything to actually back us up? Or have you just folded? It will not work, I cant see how for the life of me it will, extra gear to buy for staff, more for groundie to keep a check on, more hazardous in my opinion in the tree, at some point you'll be down to a single rope while you set a secondary anchor, great on big spread trees to get right out on the skinny stuff but come on. What's needed is to get to the root of the problem which has caused this decision, not brushing under the carpet with a new decision.
  9. Dont bother with the hire shops, the grinders are a waste of time, you'll have to pay delivery or mess about with a trailer/van, to grind approx 6" below ground level and back fill with arisings you'd be looking around £50-70, on site for approx 1hr. Ring around the local firms
  10. No problem with the payment on account- I knew that was coming if tax bill is over 1k, it's just the bill from this year I cant get my head around, I can only put it down to the amount of my vehicle that they've allowed. I used a calculator every week online, which showed me exactly how much I had to pay, and then I put away more than it said, I've had bill estimations which would leave me a bill I cant actually pay, unless i put it on my credit card and had the extra burden on that. Thanks
  11. Yes sorry, taxable profit of 18000, then the tax free allowance of 11850, with a bill of 20% of that figure. But its saying £5700, bill of 3800 for 2018/19 and payment on account for next year of 1900. I will try to find an accountant. Thanks
  12. Hi all, I'm looking to do my self assesment from last year- my accountant has disappeared of the face of the earth so I'm looking to do it myself, I need to know about my vehicle going through, I bought my ranger inside last years tax year, its bread and butter of my business, not used for personal use, I paid 6k for it, but been told i can only put through 18% not the full value, I've been saving up every week by calculating my tax and holding it in an account, my income was 30,842 (ive rounded it up a tad to make the sums easier to 31) spent 13k in fuel, saws, insurance and the like, online my tax bill is coming up at 6k, which is more than I'd saved? I was using an online tax calculator and have put the required amount away every time I've been paid, it said I should be paying around 3000- 2k for last year and 1000 payment on account ready for next year. I was under the impression of 31,000 take away 11850 tax free allowance, and dividing the remainder by 5 for my tax bill, it's my first year so I'm not that clued up. I know this is more of an accountant problem and not arbtalk, I'm just looking for some advice off anyone who does their own books. Many thaks
  13. Cheers, looking at ash and birch so hopefully that'll work.
  14. Hi all, the mrs wants some rings to put candles etc on for our wedding in Oct. Just wondering what the best plan is regarding cutting and drying, should I cut them asap and store them in the garage etc or cut them just before the day and not dry them out? I dont want them cracking so what's the best plan? Cheers
  15. I'd go for some 3x2 timber uprights, 12/18mm ply on top if the alloy sides. Attach ply to frame and bolt and washer through the metal sides. Cut a piece of ply that can cover the head board but you can take out if needed, just lean it up to protect the glass. Some timber frame to make a roof and use another piece of ply, extra precaution use a ratchet strap. I'd imagine you can get that sorted for 100 quid.


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