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  1. I can't recommend scag enough, we currently run about 7 of them and they produce an excellent finish and are generally very reliable providing they are well maintained
  2. Could it be Zelkova carpinifolia ?
  3. Highly recommended Hillier's , pretty sure they have a nursery in the SE [emoji106]
  4. Makes sense, the tree was pretty knackered higher up. Thanks [emoji106]
  5. Hi, I was using a rubber hammer to sound on a beech earlier and got down to one of the buttresses and found it was really mushy, as seen in one of the photos it produced a thick red liquid when hit. I also noticed it producing a red watery liquid from the same area. Any ideas what it could be?
  6. Just putting it out there, could the large mass of fungi be old Meripilus before it completely breaks down???
  7. Pretty sure there’s some research on RPA’s in the latest arb journal ? I haven’t read it but briefly saw the contents earlier and I think there was something relevant in there
  8. Euonymus eurapaeus I think,
  9. Not an app , but could you create a blank risk assessment form on excel, save it to your phone and fill that in an email it when you need? If not we use a program called ReFlow for all our timesheets, RAMS , pretty much anything the guys may need to fill in from site, I think it was pretty pricey though .
  10. I can’t recommend Rob at Blake training enough. Really good training, very friendly and down to earth and the trees worked on are not always straight forward which I found to be beneficial when going out and applying the training to real world scenarios located near Bridgwater
  11. Mines been playing up a little , but then again my preventer ran out a couple weeks ago and I haven’t gone to get a new one yet 😅
  12. i once had to deal with a very angry person who doesn’t believe in Dutch elm disease, even after I explained in great detail about how he may have some small trees in the native hedge opposite his house but they will die at some point. He was adement these trees would not die and I had made up the whole thing 👍
  13. Hey, company I work for now do nearly everything paperless. We use a program called reflow. From an office point of view it makes life sooo much easier, all the info from risk assessments, check sheets, timesheets comes in, gets checked and automatically goes straight into relevant databases etc , so much quicker. From a filling it in as a team leader point of view... it’s just annoying and most of the guys prefer the old paper timesheets
  14. Hey Devon TWIG, Any chance you could point me in the direction of any ones worth seeing? I’m fairly near Exeter so to be honest have proberbly seen some but haven’t paid enough attention
  15. The risky ginkgo or over my dead body ginkgo in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. The sign underneath claims it was actually transplanted to its current position to allow for expansion of the road 🤔 it took 25 days to move it over 400meters. For those that want to know more I think you can find it’s story on google somewhere.


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