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  1. We have a simple tick box form on our remote reporting software that the team fills in and attach photos to showing there's no obvious nests present. The questions are kinda prompts for them carrying out a visual check of the work area. It gets sent to us in the office and we can send it on to customer if needs be. Then if a nesting bird or obvious evidence of one is found during the job it's photographed and we pull off until it's clear to return. I'm not sure how useful the form and photos would actually be if it really kicked off but it at least encourages the team to have a good look and when you tell a "well meaning" member of the public that you have carried out a check and recorded the findings they normally go away
  2. Can't remember off the top of my head, but there is many different pricing options depending what you want it for. I think we pay around £600 per year for unlimited health/condition trees/clients and unlimited 5837 trees. Might not be unlimited thinking about it, but its way more than I will ever get through in a year. Take a look on their website, there's loads of info
  3. I've been using OTISS. Does what I need it to and is fairly cost effective
  4. It's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission [emoji6]
  5. If you can get in with a developer you might be able to get some site clearance work. Found it to be quite lucrative at times [emoji106]
  6. Can recommend all three of the books you've mentioned. I'm still surprised by the information that I find in Bob Watsons book, really useful. I find Modern Arboriculture really good as I found each page or small group of pages was a little lesson in itself.
  7. Whilst I agree with everyone else, it would've worth checking out OPALS. It is a rating system or the allergenic value of many plants and some trees. IF you did remove the tree, you might be able to find a tree ranked as low on the OPALS scale which might be a decent replacement. Having the pollen source directly outside the window has potential for an increased amount of pollen to enter the room in my opinion. Whilst pollen is airborne I believe I read a study a while ago that said it doesn't really travel further than around hundred meters or so in high amounts. (that could be a completely wrong figure, but I know it wasn't as far as I thought it would be). Still don't really think removal is the best option though
  8. thanks everyone, much appreciated. Atlas cedar seems to be most likely.
  9. I thought they were off that tree as there were a others around the tree. There is various spruce spp. On the site so it's not impossible that someone hasn't put them there.
  10. this is exactly the thought process I've been going through haha
  11. Hey all, Having a bit of a moment and I'm struggling to ID this tree. Part of what is throwing me off is that the site does contain some fairly unusual trees so I've got it in my head this is also something obscure, although there is every chance it isn't! Thank you in advance!
  12. I've had the same issue in the past, but with a polesaw, everytime it was quickly rested on the floor between cuts it melted the artificial grass. It seems like a really obvious thing to consider but in the heat of the moment it's a normal thing to lean the machine on the floor now and again, lesson learnt!!
  13. Agree with Paul, my cherry is currently the same. As far as I know it generally isn't a massive issue for the tree in the short to mid term, but in severe cases can stunt growth and cause branches to die back with repeated infestation ???
  14. I can't recommend scag enough, we currently run about 7 of them and they produce an excellent finish and are generally very reliable providing they are well maintained
  15. Could it be Zelkova carpinifolia ?


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