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  1. trotter251

    Most original objection to tree felling/work?

    i once had to deal with a very angry person who doesn’t believe in Dutch elm disease, even after I explained in great detail about how he may have some small trees in the native hedge opposite his house but they will die at some point. He was adement these trees would not die and I had made up the whole thing 👍
  2. Hey, company I work for now do nearly everything paperless. We use a program called reflow. From an office point of view it makes life sooo much easier, all the info from risk assessments, check sheets, timesheets comes in, gets checked and automatically goes straight into relevant databases etc , so much quicker. From a filling it in as a team leader point of view... it’s just annoying and most of the guys prefer the old paper timesheets
  3. trotter251

    Tree Id please

    Hey Devon TWIG, Any chance you could point me in the direction of any ones worth seeing? I’m fairly near Exeter so to be honest have proberbly seen some but haven’t paid enough attention
  4. trotter251

    Meetings with remarkable trees, the Arbtalk version

    The risky ginkgo or over my dead body ginkgo in Hibiya Park, Tokyo. The sign underneath claims it was actually transplanted to its current position to allow for expansion of the road 🤔 it took 25 days to move it over 400meters. For those that want to know more I think you can find it’s story on google somewhere.
  5. trotter251

    Weirdest thing you have found in a hedge

    I found a pink vibrator on a clearance job a few years ago, strapped it to the front of the van to take a photo. We then forgot about it and ended up driving around with a pink vibrator on the front of the van for few days.
  6. trotter251

    Strange bubbles on oak tree

    Found similar bubbles on a pine tree earlier today
  7. trotter251

    Guests v Members

    I work for a company that does landscaping and tree surgery, and I’m currently studying for lvl 4 arb [emoji106]. Pretty varied to be honest .
  8. trotter251

    Guests v Members

    I am very guilty of this! Can’t really comment for others, but personally I never really no what to say and I’m happy enough just reading and learning, maybe one day il be able to pass some knowledge on, but currently probably not [emoji23]
  9. trotter251


    I can highly recommend Blake training for any courses , so I’m sure their loler training would be good
  10. trotter251

    What Exactly Is A Holding Cut?

    Pretty sure Treerover has got it spot on [emoji106]
  11. trotter251

    Come on then own up, whats your record?

    I guy I work with once got 2 saws stuck..... while climbing. As punishment we made him cut them free with his silky rather than sending him up a third saw.
  12. trotter251

    the beauty of standing deadwood

    Two Oaks that have been left standing at a site we look after. Look fantastic as silhouettes when the sun goes down.
  13. trotter251

    End of day maintenance

    I like to put stuff away sharp so I know I can use it anytime... unless it’s the 660, sharpening that takes ages that tends to get put off until it has to be done.
  14. trotter251


    There was some branch walking involved when I did mine. To be honest I think a lot of how easy or difficult performing the cuts is depends on the tree in which you are being assessed
  15. trotter251

    Tis the season to see Fungi, fa la la la la....

    Awesome! That’s interesting, thanks. Unfortunately I’m not going back to that site any time soon so I won’t be able to check which it is. At least i will know for next time! Thanks


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