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  1. Thank you, I was thinking 32 or 46 out of the three, 46 it is then if global spec that.
  2. Im after topping up the hydraulic tank on my bandit 990xp as it's low on the sight glass, the label.on the tank and manual say petro Canada hydrex, which has a large operating temperature range, the manual also quotes aw68, aw46 or aw32 can be used. What has anyone who's changed or topped the hydraulic oil specifically used? Thanks in advance.
  3. What do you sell more of in the 12 inch drum range, the larger or smaller engine? Is there night and day performance difference between the two engine options of the 990/12xp? Specifically in efficiency of processing busy, bulky material?
  4. Thank you for your replies, and the benefit of your experience, this has probably addressed a few of my thoughts. I agree with the tyres Ben, they offer no appreciable difference in hopper feed height and aren't nice on lumps, bumps or rolling off/up edges of kerbs etc. I like the idea of the top crush Gray, is there anything on your machine in day to day use that stands out as anything that you don't like or could be improved?
  5. I currently have a timberwolf tw250 chipper. I am looking to upgrade and purchase a new machine going forward. I would appreciate any suggestions in machine choice, of a comparative chipper. I would consider anything of a similar weight and capability, doesn't necessarily have to be twin axle or turntable. A bit of background on the machine, the 250 is a 10 inch, 2.2 tonne turntable machine mounted on a twin axel, with a 92hp Kubota turbo diesel engine. I've looked at on paper but no demoed: Timberwolf tw350, similar weight, similar dimensions, similar capacity, but only 64hp hatz engine. Vermeer bc230xl, similar weight, similar dimensions, similar capacity, but only a 67hp cat engine. Bandit 90xp, similar in weight, longer in length, wider infeed but similar 9 inch capacity, with a 74hp engine. TP 275, similar in weight, longer in length, similar capacity, with a 74hp engine. Has anyone had direct experience of the above machines? or anything else similar, or better still has anyone had a timberwolf tw250 and moved to another machine, if so what machine and how did it compare? Trying to narrow the market down in the interest of not wasting mine or anyone else's time demoing a machine that isn't suitable. Thank you
  6. What about option 7. Using a hook loader. Iveco make a hook loader gross 7 tons, The 70c18, it has can tow 3.5 tons and is the same size body as the Iveco 35c15, not the euro-cargo lorry shape, it will fit into any domestic job driveway or space you can get a 3.5tonner into. This would allow you to offload the roll off body onto the driveway and forgo a skip pavement license. It would also mean on a 2 day job the body could be left on the driveway if advantageous. Or roll off bodies dropped on multiple jobs. With a well thought out design two bins could be used, both brought to site at the start of the day, the second body being slightly smaller than the first and sit securely into it. One trip for two bins, although two return trips, or save committing two vehicles to site for the day. A box style roll off body would lend itself well to tree surgery. Around 5 inches to the ground (when offloaded) allowing for the framework underneath, large sections could be walked or rolled in, or ramped up on an arb trolley. Or with a removable tailgate ramp no additional ramps needed. The body will tip well before it starts to offload, some bodies will tip without rolling off, as well as tip and offload giving you a steeper angle. The stein arb trolley will fit on most domestic jobs with sub 30 inch gates, taking the pulling handle off and balancing long stem sections over the axel will mean where access allows long sections can be taken out from the back garden to the front and loaded at low level into the roll off body. Still manual handling but might take some of the strain off backs and bodies and be more time effective, saving cutting smaller and cleaning up after the cuts. The trolley is cheap in comparison to a mini loader, digger etc, but the hook loader a more specialist bit of kit. I suppose it all depends on the scale of the jobs and what jobs are going to rob you of the most time if you don't have a particular bit of kit. Might not be useful for your business though.
  7. Hello. I'm looking for someone who wants some ad-hoc work during the week. As and when needed, would suit someone looking to fill in days or wanting experience, with the possibility of more going forward. Hedge cutting, dragging brash, chipping etc. Cs30/31 desirable. Must be hard working and reliable, and be able to get to St Albans Hertfordshire. Pm me for more details. Thanks, Phil.
  8. I use lwb transit tippers, to my mind lwb transits make good arb trucks, especially with a double cab, with a bit of imagination you can make secure storage if you take out the rear seats. Decent sized vehicle with decent storage and huge volume capacity. I've had 2 and 3 ply springs not plus 1's, constant load springs both are more than adequate for a heavy load. I wouldn't worry too much about payload in your decision as you'll never conform with a 3.5 tonner, although I'm not suggesting you overload it, perhaps a consideration with the bigger more heavy duty springs is that if your stoped and overloaded they will have a lot less leinincy with you as they'll assume that's how you regularly operate and go over the vehicle looking for anything else they can find. Size wise you can maneovre, park and gain access to any domestic tree job, you won't know it any difference to a mwb transits For jobs where you perhaps arent using a chipper, with a well thought out box you can get a huge volume of work in. Spares, original , pattern or used parts are ten a penny and easily accessible, every mechanic knows how to deal with them, they've always been a reliable truck for what I do, I like them personally. Getting as much weight over the front axel by loading up the headboard prominently with chip rather than the towards the back of body will show less from the outside, a high roof is a good consideration for this. I've got one for sale on arbtrader your welcome to message me if you want to no anything specific even if your not Interested in the one I'm selling. Cheers Phil.
  9. Total up what I can do in one day adjust to what I want to make on that day price for job. Would I go out to do a stump for less than £100 no.
  10. Speak to some of the small local firms see what they do with there's, they might point you to small farm type setups that generally charge £20-40 a load no weighbridge, you'll have to speak to someone that uses them as finding them on Google or through the council is impossible. Phil
  11. Surely it's £100 minimum a stump, even if it's 30 minute's, the cost, time , handling and use of the grinder is prohibitive for the home owner, there not hiring one out and doing it theresen. By the time you've loaded, unloaded, set up boards, tidied up, taken away the spoil, accounted for teeth, belts fuel, it more than justifies the cost. If you've bought a decent machine and paid alot of money for it your selling yourself too short. I can't rember the last stump job I lost, but can numerous tree jobs I lose. I highly specialised expensive bit of kit can't go out on a hourly rate in my eye.
  12. Stihl ms211, a bit of toy as it's not a pro saw as such, very light, good for use in hedges or turning your back on by the chipper or in back gardens processing up a bit without the worry of a more expensive saw, mines had alot of hammer over the past two year and no problems what so ever. Perhaps a solution perhaps not. Phil
  13. Or message on here or personal message. Cheers Phil.
  14. I am wanting to swap my transit arb tipper for a 4x4 pickup, single and double cabs considered, L200, Navarra or Hilux. Purchase of new truck is reason for swap, has always been a great truck for me but I don't need 2 tippers. 52 plate transit tipper 112 000 miles Full ally arb body: Ally floor, walls, roof and double split barn doors, ladder rack on top 5 stage huge ram 7 immaculate tyres Full tow pack, ball and pin and electrics Privacy glass in rear Rear seats removed for tools but have a set of immaculate ones if needed Flashing beacon Has been undersealed and has very very little rust. Seat covers Cd player with line in MOT until June but will have a new MOT put on Has scratches and dings, drivers seat torn, has been used for tree surgery Striking green paint work, currently sign written on ally body, but sign writing will be removed. Based in Hertfordshire: St Albans. CALL OR TEXT PHIL FOR MORE INF0 OR TELL ME WHAT YOU HAVE 07521960005
  15. JCB grease gun from spectrum plant , if you like a long flexible shaft it's for you. The blue grease they sell on there is also good for the machine, strangley with each order they send you a pack of wine gums, I keep going back. Phil.


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