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  1. Arb raising pile! need to get chopping. but happy to sell by the bulker load. In Sheffield. Thanks John
  2. Please delete if not allowed. Logs for sale.Mix for quality hardwood and softwoods. For firewood.Commercial customers............Please ring for quotes for larger vehicles bulkers etc.JCB can be used to load large vehicles. We have a few firewood suppliers who use the log pile.Good access. Cash on collection.Please ring John on 07815 609 237. All enquiries welcome.Thank you John

    <p>Hi Jonny</p>

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    <p>saw your post a few weeks ago re purchasing from eastern Europe - can you give me contact details/ Dave 07769642555</p>


  4. Both really. What do you charge your customers and what is it a trade. Thanks
  5. What type of logs are you selling and how much are you charging??
  6. PM if your interested, we have a fantastic contact I would be more than happy to help you out placing a first order. Cheers John
  7. I currently splitting it by hand and it is slow. I am wanting to buy a machine. But which one. Suggests welcome. Thank you guys


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    <p>I am new in the game and this is a part time affair. I currently buy in HW for £76 Ash kiln dried and sell it on for about £105-£115. The wood is quality but expensive. Could you sell it any cheaper. Or be kind enough to pass on a good contact. Kind regards John</p>


  9. In Sheffield, Do you have a name or contact please SG
  10. If I can find it cheaper in the UK I would be more than happy to. Do anyone have any good contacts they are willing to share.
  11. Does anyone have any good contacts in the EU who supple them with Ash wood at a good whole sale price. Ive found it at £79, 82, 91 1m3 delieved to my door. Anyone do any better?


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