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  1. Looking for Strimmer/hedgetrimmer/chainsaw operatives for ongoing deveg work. Must have Cscs with Rolo (liss card) or willing to get one before commencing work. Phone 07815 612682 or email alltreeneeds@gmail.com.
  2. Cheers Alex, will try them tomorrow
  3. Hello, My name is Ben and I’m 26. I am based in Exeter but willing to travel for work. Looking to create contacts and work opportunities. I have: • CS 30,31,32,38,39,40,41 • UA 1,2.1, 2.2, Besc, Persons • First Aid and Manual handling • CSCS with ROLO • Sentinel • Bsc For Fully working saws, ppe and kit with own transport. Day rates negotiable. Any questions feel free to message on here email to alltreeneeds@gmail.com or call on 07815612682. I'd be happy to Ground or Climb Many thanks in advance Ben
  4. Looking for a day or two 16th, 17th of December. Either or both. Willing to travel. Ground or Climb. Call me on 07815612682 or email alltreeneeds@gmail.com for tickets/insurance etc.
  5. You would hope that any tree surgeon would want what is best for the situation, not what it most expensive
  6. Thanks for posting, I can only imagine the zip line wasn't directly from the stem he was anchored into otherwise the flip line coming off the top of the tree would have attached itself to the zip line and h'd have have had a long zip to the floor. That or his zip line was below his flip line and therefore wouldn't attach to the zip line on the way off. Or the zip line was vertical. Too many zips and flips. Glad you're able to type this out to us and we get a first person view of the incident rather than a third person view. Have a speedy recovery
  7. I like mine, not had it long and not had to replace any parts yet which is probably going to cost the earth. Ditto with the ear muffs which i'm sure they'll sort out on the v2. The mesh on it seems finer than the others I have tried but that may just be me. Where did you find the Bandit chipper with three lovely ladies strapped to it? I've been trying to find a good chipper that is loud with a bit of a wider mouth, always wanting more, needs its oil replacing once a month and has a lovely body. But no luck
  8. Swan filters, rare but not unobtainable
  9. Isn't that micro managing a job and therefore it will take longer? Surely you trust your guys to give you their best and if anything crops up to let you know asap?
  10. Hi Matt, I've seen it on ebay but a link would help others (not encouraging other bidders...) got a receipt of purchase for it? Cheers
  11. I learn so much from youtube, both the dos and the don'ts! Have a good look around as there are many good tip videos for the amateur right up to the highly experienced.
  12. This is fantastic. I wish my fiance would provide me with bits and bobs to keep my mind ticking over! Or is it sad that you don't want to see your husband in the house lol. Still a great post, unfortunately I have to aquire a 200T myself at some point, Happy hunting
  13. I think a smart phone requires a smart operator.... of which I must not be!
  14. I have more pictures of access available. There are a couple of pics of the ash that is also here which is in three nice lengths if anyone wants it. Finally mastered the art of uploading!


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