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  1. Thanks for that as I only have it 2 days and only tested it on a few odd bits, maybe its better I retire the bar before I toast it.
  2. Ok picked up a Oregon pack (15" bar with two chains) and ordered an 8 pin powermate. Running fine at the moment with the 7-pin. The problem is I may have been a bit quick off the mark, picking this all in one pack. The bar is a Pro-am (158SFHD009)and according to Oregon web site this is rated for (41cc-57cc) for 16-20" bar!! hindsight a is great thing. They have Pro-lite (158SLHD009)bars too which are rated for saw (38-65cc) which is nearer to where I should be. Is the pro-am bar safe to use? the chains that came with it look like semi chisel.
  3. If you haven't got it off yet there is a clip on Youtube "a look at the new echo 390esx", by Chainsawbars .He goes though it, I'm assuming the 501 and the 390 are similar set up.
  4. Hi Coin , Had a similar problem, I'm a weekend warrior too. After much research, I bought a 70cc Jonsered 2172 (I believe similar to the husky 372xp ). No fancy autotune, more saw than I will probably ever need, a bit heavy at times, so my next project is a 50cc. You have the 50cc more than covered with the 346xp ,would you not be better with a 70 with an 18" bar. I looked hard at the echo 620sx, but the local dealer price was insane and its heavy for a 60cc compared to the 362cm stihl and the 560xp. Noticed you are quoting your prices in euro's if by chance you are in rep. of Ireland drop me a pm as I found great deals in the north with sterling as it is at present. By the way like 365xp users I find 2172 starts way quicker if i don't use the decompression valve.
  5. Any one have any experiences with either of these -"Smart log - firewood holder" or the "timber Croc" . To me the timber Croc is the more robust. But is heavy, they claim 20 kg feels more like 30kg and about €200 vs €130 for the smart. Also the chances are the Croc might not be used without the trailer, especially if you had any distance to travel.
  6. Thanks all for the replies ,seems like it may not be such a bad idea after all. I just wanted to make the most out it till I get the funds to get a smaller saw considering 550xp , echo 501sx or a stihl 261c. The sprocket is a 7 at the moment can this be used with the 15" bar ? Or is the 8 essential to make the change over? I am assuming the 8 will increase the speed to ludicrous speed! The bar he offered me was a Oregon Powerlite 73. Spud for me to find a dealer here with a tacho will be easier said than done, will the 7 sprocket therefore be safer than 8 if I am to avoid over cooking it?
  7. I know this has been done before but I can't seem to find it. I have recently bought a Jonsred 2172 (husky 372xp in red I believe) and I got it with a 20". Very happy with the current set up . But a little bit cumbersome for the small stuff . But I was considering getting a shorter bar too. The correct solution is probably to get another, but smaller saw. The local dealer said if I want I could put a 15" but said it would be a screamer.!! Is there anything wrong with doing this , safety, damage to the saw etc? I suppose it still going to be a big heavy engine irrespective of bar lenght? Any opinions appreciated.
  8. Went into the local saw shop for a bit of a drool today and was comparing the 501sx and the 550xp. Both feel nice and light and fast handling the 550xp had a 15", the 501 a 18" which I felt was a bit long and slightly spoiled the balance. Having no experience of either of these saws running, maybe for those that have is the 501 that far behind the 550? Given the 550 history is it even worth considering? I Finally got my Jonsered CS2172 last week with a 20" - very happy it's a beast . So now time to start saving for a nice 50cc.
  9. Local dealer got a 501sx in recently ,.325 with 18 inch bar. Though I haven't used one it feels fantastic , light and nimble . If it goes as well as its supposed to (and keeps running) it will give the husky 550 xp something to think about!! I would however like a shorter bar. I recently bought a jons 70cc so will have to get saving again.
  10. I think I'm going to stick with the Jonsered 2172 as far as I know its old school design. Then i will see how I get on and if I need a smaller saw give the echo 501sx a look. There may well be a bit more info available on this model by then.
  11. I wanted the 620sx with a 18" bar as my one and only. But I decided to go with the dealer rather than the brand! My local dealer wasn't keen on the echo and sells loads of jonsereds. He got a good price on some 2172 ( husky 372xp, first cousin). So I have a good part of one of these paid for. But having read this thread ,I'm concerned I have made the wrong choice. I don't think a change of heart will bother him and I know he will shift the Jonsred anyway and get me the echo instead. Just not sure if I should change my mind.
  12. Back again , the saw is leaking oil out the lower right side of the clutch cover. I have taken the clutch off and inspected the oil pump, dropped it to the local man who said the pump is fine the pipe to the oil grove is good too. I would question the seal between the reverse side of the pump and the oil reservoir but the local lawnmower man assures I won't get spares for this saw. I have cleaned the groves on the bar and the oiler holes. The chain is getting oil (possibly too much at times), it doesn't always seem to throw oil off the bar tip in the traditional fashion. I have adjusted the oil screw too ,to the point where am concerned that the chain might not get enough. It would be a pity if I can't repair it as it cuts really well. I assume it must be 45-50cc. Its my new XP!! Who knows it may even be better as it starts every time on the second pull ,hot or cold!! Today 1 tank of oil : 3/4 of a tank of fuel. Thanks for any suggestions
  13. I kicked about for age's trying to decide between the 620sc and the jons 2172., put a deposit on the red last week ,good price and A1 after sales sealed it. Good luck with your new saw ,sounds great.
  14. Thanks all ,got home a little while ago and had another look at it, as many of you mentioned a part of the fuel filter makes sense. Amazing how much better it runs without all this extra debris!! Isuppose its probably sits in the 40-45cc range?
  15. Anyone know anything about this marvel of technology? Age ,cc , hp??


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