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    Banff Aberdeenshire
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    Driving our horses ponies and goats .keeping out of Mrs Verdi fish,s way
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    Registered Farier
  1. If you get chance the skiing in the herz mountains in Germany is excellent, cheap,great beer ,great craic and on the way home if you go via Hamburg Harwich !!!
  2. I'm lucky , I got paid to take my ( old HGV 1) in the army and I'd never driven a car in my life ,straight in a class 1 and of I went passed ,1st time after 3 days as a learner ! Still a crap driver though !
  3. Thanks for the tip will have a go now .!
  4. My old woodboss seems to have a clogged chain oil feed ,is this an easy job to fix ? If so how .
  5. Any of you good folk no of a processor for hire in Aberdeenshire / moray area ???
  6. An absolute stinker of a day ,raining sideways with a good bit.of wind !!!
  7. Wow wow wow as a diver ( hobby) I know lots of people that would pay seriously serious wonga for that ! Wow
  8. Fires on rayburns now on its summer hols !!! -1 here last night !
  9. Is it more of a hobby saw ?
  10. His son had the receipt dated 2008 ! Buts its a local supplier who could have had it in stock for god knows how long !
  11. That john is so very true !!! And the phone has rang a few times this afternoon !
  12. I'm gonna put some juice in tomorrow and see what shes like ! 7 years old and never run ! Is there anything specific I need to be careful off before starting up other than what it states in the owners manual????
  13. I remember playing arena polo exactly 8 years ago in ascot and we had 3 inches of snow so its not just Scotland


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